The Chronicles of #LoGoEveryday: A Case Study

The #LogoEveryday series is our way of reflecting and representing causes, trends and happenings in the society with the expertise of our work while we stir up conversations.

Having passed the 100 mark, we look back at the journey, through which we have have attracted customers, found new lovers, and motivated a number of graphic designers. We have amassed over 8000 impressions / interactions across our social media platforms. It has been a time of challenging the status quo while developing our ability. The spontaneity of the thought sessions have had a huge impact on our designers and we are better off across our client projects.

Reviewing 1–100, we thought it necessary to bring you into the building processes of some of our best LED designs. It was very difficult choosing, but we had to settle for 10.

If you are convinced your best did not make the cut, please feel free to ‘share your grievances’ in the comments section.

  1. (Adesua & Banky W)

This was one of the fastest responses to trending issues on the series. It was all over the place and the overall reaction was positive. The word “Awesome” was one of the most used on the internet for what looked like a real life replica of the Wedding Party. The same AWESOMEness got our creative juices bubbling and we did this. The reaction was crazy.

Adesuwa & Banky W. Slide into a DM today, it just might be awesome. 

2. Babachir

A lot of criticism greeted the perceived reluctance of the Federal Government to do the supposed needful, sack the then embattled SGF. The government eventually had to let go (Suspended him) and here we captured it with the idea of disposing refuse. Not like we really meant it that way, but that was what it looked like. Apologies Babachir!

After the headlines we have read: Has president Buhari finally dumped SGF Babachir ?


Trump’s international “dis-love” has us in company. We had been fans of Obama and we even made a logo in the series to bid him farewell. Only for Trump to come with his weekly surprises which some people saw as Anti-American. We found no better way to show it than this. It really did capture it for a lot of people and got many more “rolling on the floor”.

It’s how you see it that matters. White House triumphs the Donald way. #loGoEveryday

4. Chibok 1000 Days

It was the 1000th day of captivity for the Chibok Girls and we thought to create something that was beyond marking that number but also raising the important question of how many more days to go. It is sad that we still have some of them in captivity but we were also there to commemorate) with the release of 82 of them. We continue to ask the Federal Government to #bringBackOurGirls.

Chibok 1000 Days

5. International Sculpture Day

It was the International Sculpture Day and we wanted to make a “sculpture” out of the design. With a typeface that had the rounded feel and made it a beauty to arrange, we had something. It will always remain one of our top favourites.

International Sculpture Day. #LogoEveryday
Can you see the sculpture?

6. Ibori

Whether or not the news was worth the excitement from part of the nation that celebrated it, we found it worthy of representation, especially based on the conversations it sprung up. It was a quick one. We opened up “the bars”.


7. 3800

You surely know of the story of young “Pablo” who took a lady out, spent 3800 (as the lady would come to show the world with receipts and all) and then felt entitled to her consent. The lady returned the money and ask him to keep the change, in what inspired us to abandon what we earlier had in mind that day, to keep the 3800 number in the #LogoEveryday ‘visual history’.

Lesson: Do not overestimate the power of 3800 NGN.

8. Human Trafficking

On the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking, we thought to give the message a voice by creating something out of the sad situation of ‘price-tagging’ people as products.

SADLY, human Trafficking is still a thing. It has to stop!

9. Buhari

The president just went back to London for the second time to continue his medical check up, and we looked for a way to depict the situation. The syringe and needle was used to form a plane as a mode of transportation.

So our President is out of the country for medical treatment. 
We hope he comes back SHARP-SHARP

10. UI

UI was shut down. The Vice Chancellor decided to momentarily close the school due to some disagreement with the student Union body. So our team looked at the power button on the PC and an insight came on how to iconise the shutdown.

So we heard UI has been shut down…abeg who hold the switch? #LogoEveryday

One other awesome thing we have achieved with the series is creating appreciation, on the part of the larger community, for simpler visual expressions. By representing daily issues they can relate to, there is a moving wave of public ‘enlightenment’ that makes the work of logo designers (starting with us) easier and our work better understood and appreciated.

You can keep up with the #LoGoEveryday series on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

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