Insane boss

Sometimes i felt I’ve been going out of my mind but then Looking out answer to give up this three month crazy duty to my abba

He’s exactly differently over the past clients i had.

He’s a bossy type and commanding a lot.

Me and my heart got an issues. I don’t if I should hate you or miss you. And damn, I wish that i could resist you. At the end of the day, I cant decide if slap or kill you nevertheless don’t knoq which way to go.

I wanna leave him thinking the consequences need to consider.

Do I have another good clients waiting for me?

A lot of questions.

How long?

Time maybe wasted.

Thinking more than my dreams behind Should I have to resist this all?

I try to be okay apparently in the middle of the night, This ain’t happiness anywhere in this corner of my inner feelings

I hope i can stay longer

Lord, help me to overcome my low feelings towards to my client. I give you my praise.


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