Fourwaves tip: How to set a password and login for the first time.

To simplify event registration, abstract submission or event creation, we don’t ask for a password during the process. Although, you may want to login to Fourwaves later on to:

  1. Update your registration or abstract submission form.
  2. Finish a payment in order to complete your registration.
  3. Access private content available only to registered participants.

Login with the email address used in the process and a password. To set a password, it’s easy, just use one of the following methods.

Method 1. Click the activation link in the Welcome to Fourwaves email.

After your first registration, abstract submission or event creation, an email is sent with a link to activate your account and set a password.

Clicking the link will open Fourwaves and ask you to confirm your first name, last name and enter a password. You will then be automatically logged in. This link can be used only once.

Method 2. Get an activation link by email.

Click login (top-right of any page) and enter the email address used during the registration, abstract submission or event creation in the forgot your password box, then click send. You will receive a new link by email!

If you activated your account in the past it will only prompt for your new password. If not you will be asked to confirm your first name last name and set a new password.

Here is what the form looks like:

Once logged in…

Navigate to your event page and click the registration or abstract submission tab and complete the form or finish a pending payment.

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