What Technologies Will Shape The Future? Blockchain? A.I.? IoT? Automation?

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when I think about the future two quotes come to my mind the first one is from Alan Kay who is one of the early computer scientists and he said the best way to predict the future is to invent it I think that’s very true as we look forward and see the myriad of possibilities before us the second quote was from Satoshi and while they said a lot of things and their own manner and yes they’re fun to look back on as we talk about the early days of Bitcoin I think the most impactful thing that Satoshi ever said was what they didn’t say they left us with Bitcoin and blockchain their gift to us and let us decide how we’re going to use it and how we’re going to define its presence and our society moving forward as we look at the field of emerging technologies that are shaping up to impact our society ultimately it’s up to us to define their role and how we use them and what the future looks like based off of them so let’s talk about some of these emerging technologies and how they’re going to impact our society after all the best way to predict the future is to invent it welcome to ready set Crypto this is your brain on Blockchain first I want to start by talking about industrial revolutions are you familiar with them they’re defined as profound periods of human ingenuity and rapid technological advancements in which economic systems and social structures are transformed now there’s some debate as to what constituted an industrial revolution but I argue that the first one was centered around agriculture which formed the basis of society and trade as we know it today the Second Industrial Revolution is the one you’re probably most familiar with it included going from hand production methods to machines now the third Industrial Revolution called the digital revolution was characterized by the digitization of data and widespread propagation of information while we’re still making a sense of the effects it’s clear that the world has shifted in the past half-century central to this revolution is the mass production and widespread use of digital logic circuits namely the transistor and it’s derived technologies such as the computer the cell phone and the internet that said the digital revolution lacked adequate data security as digitized records are vulnerable to modification deletion and theft think to yourself how often you’ve heard about big hacks of major companies and lots of consumer data being breached.

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I’ve often heardthat the next war is going to be digital and that data is the new oil these are all conventions and paradigm shifts that were still waking up to I think this also helps us understand where the next Industrial Revolution will come from in a way every Industrial Revolution has solved a major problem of theprevious revolution hence their significance agriculture liberated us from our hunter-gatherer ways but it was labor-intensive industry liberated us from labor but it lacked efficiencies digitization allowed for efficiency never before seen but the digital and physical were still too separated so today the fourth Industrial Revolution is underway and emerging technologies such as the blockchain are forming an entirely new ecosystem that transcends the status quo core components of this new Industrial Revolution include the Internet of Things shared computing services like the cloud augmented in virtual reality quantum computing and major leaps and bounds and automation and robotics I think central to our interest is the unprecedented advancement and communication and connectivity which is in turn creating an exponential quantity and data renewing the need for securitythe fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are expediting the creation of a more secure data-driven digital ecosystem the foundation of the new digital economy that I champion so frequently I like to think of this new digital economy as being supported by three pillars of crypto security tokens andDecentralized finance but I think they’re just the beginning I mean think about it have you noticed the velocity of disruptive innovation is accelerating across all industries due to a digital transformation what’s also apparent to me is that customer oriented experiences are central to this new digital economy observe that data enhanced services and products are becoming the new norm people were tired of taxis so uber and lyft came along people are tired being chained to a nine-to-five job so the gig economy is really taking off and startups like we work represent the inherent value of that if you’re looking for something to invest in or just watch especially in the blockchain space look for projects that are tapping into this new ethos it’s in your best interest to do so look to history for why that is those that control the means of agriculture became Kings those that control the means of labor became industry Titans those that control the means of digitisation became the wealthiest people on the planet so who will control the means of the 4th Industrial Revolution that remains to be seen but I do see a confluence of these emerging technologies weaving a tapestry that forms the basis of our

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new digital economy and digitized society I think 2021 will be a year that is critical for humanity as we learn to live with ever smarter and more pervasive technology as we’ve seen the technology’s not going anywhere so the question is where are we going with it what I argue is that as the fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds as technology advances so will ethics and security to things that are central to the blockchain ethos and the new digital economy debates on securing personal data and people’s right to know how technologies like artificial intelligence affects them will be even more heated than they were last year there’s clearly an ongoing and ever-present debate about digital identity and what that looks like right now we’re seeing that debate in action as China finishes rolling out its social credit rating system in which the government will reward or punish people based on behaviors that considers positive or negative already millions of Chinese nationals have been blocked from booking flights or trains as Beijing seeks to monitor and judge each of its 1.3 billion citizens on their behavior and activity now clearly this is a controversial subject and something that China seeks to implement because it works for China but really what I’m getting at here is that this is just a taste of what technology interfacing with our lives will look like after all technology is a double-edged sword we owe our comfortable modern lives to technology modern transportation medicine and telecommunications all are impossible if we said technology was dangerous I mean fire is dangerous what if we had banned fire because of its potential implications and so you can see that each of the technologies that I’ve barely scratched the surface on in this article represent this possible implication if used incorrectly and just like how I talked about satoshis non quote it’s really up to us to define how we use them and what we deem ethical quite honestly we should think about our approach to these new emerging technologies do we embrace them with open arms or take a measured approach under that context what do we define as a measure approach on top of all of this what I find most fascinating and what I define the fourth Industrial Revolution by is that for the first time in humanity’s history these tools that we are building where before they allowed us to become masters of our domain and free us from labor is that the tools will

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think for themselves they will free us from making ethical decisions they will run scenarios adhere to parameters trigger not based on abject morality but by if-then-else statements maybe this is good maybe this is bad maybe it’s both maybe you will doom us maybe you’ll save us from ourselves that is the nature of Technology so that is my question how should we view these new emerging technologies how should we operate under the context of the fourth Industrial Revolution do you believe that we’re on the precipice of a new technological Renaissance or do you believe that we should exercise caution regardless I think the next 10 20 50 years will be very interesting as we step through the door that we can only peek through the keyhole of right now so thanks for watching let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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