In Person Drop

The things I learned from the in person drop are the fear of failure is not a fear but fear of not getting up is a bad fear. Before in person drop I also have the same thoughts that I cannot meet to HR managers as they do not have enough time that they easily meet to everyone. Even after the assignment of this activity I was like it’s impossible to have a meet up with HR managers but reality was totally different and amazing.

I decided to do in person drop in my dream company Nestle Pakistan. So one night before I go through Nestle website to get some information and applied for MTO as currently there is not job announcement in Pakistan. I updated my resume and cover letter for Nestle Pakistan decided to visit Nestle first of all.

I went Nestle head office near to Amal head office at upper mall road Lahore. They did not allowed me to enter in the first attempt I get a little disappoint but remember the concept “ fear of failure” so I talked to guard and requested him to allow me to enter finally I got permitted and met people in reception. I asked them about HRM office. On the spot they asked me the reason of going there I told that I want to drop my resume and cover letter they guided me to talk to assistant first on call. So I did accordingly, she said you have to first apply online on our website I said I have done this then she further explained that HRM cannot meet you as they already have busy scheduled routine but I can help you in one way I can provide you a number and website. Visit this website and follow up this number. Wish you all the best. So I dropped resume and cover letter to people in reception.

While coming back from nestle furnatley on the spot I decided to visit Faisal bank with my fellow M. qasim. Qasim was dishearten from previous experience but I pushed him emotionally for going Faisal bank.

By talking to guard and other people in reception we asked the direction of HRM office and by following we reached the outside of HRM office. One guy came out and asked you are the next candidate for interview. I said I am not for interview here but if HRM wants to interview me I am ready. The guy understood that we were there without interview call so he went inside talked to his manger and returned with smiling face and said HRM wants to meet you guys so we entered.

The amzing thing was that the HRM was also from Punjab University and hostel as well even senior of Qasim. So talked in a very polite way firstly listen us. We introduced one by one and then came to the point. He said few weeks ago we had job announcement and now we are conducting interviews. In near future whenever we have recruitment we will consider you guys.

My experience is really good as my fear to not meeting HRM is eliminated and now I decided to do in person drop in some more companies. I am in search of job announcements firstly I will apply online then in person drop and then follow up as meeting personally I can communicate my knowledge and skills very well and can get idea about the personality of recruiters and culture of the organization as well. It will make me confident to talk to unknown people that is necessary for professional life.

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