The mentor I choose for meeting is Muhammad Yaqoob. Who is working in Kohat cement industry from last 10 years and also have worked in Bukhari gas and Oil Company limited where I have applied for the post of accountant.

Firstly I sent an email to him which is like

Dear Sir,
 Hope you are doing great. I am doing M.Phil. in business & Information Technology and also applying for jobs. Currently I have applied at Bukhari gas & Oil Company limited for the post of accountant and have interview on 1st of September 2016.
 I really admire you and inspired by your work. I would love to be where you are one day. Since last 10 years you are working as accounts manager at Kohat cement Industry also have worked as assistant HR Manager at Bukhari gas & oil company ltd. I will be highly thankful to you if you could give me some advice regarding this job. Kindly guide me about some tips or experiences that would help me to prepare well and perform better in interview. I am ready to have a meet up with you and discuss the things like Key areas on which recruiters’ mainly focus, requirements of this job and company so that I can prepare and perform well during the interview. Kindly let me know when you have a little time from your busy schedule.

Thank you for your time.
 Fouzia Boota

After sending this email I waited for one day but no response. Next day I made call to him and remind about the email. He said I am out of the station for few days so you can discuss everything on phone call.

And send me the questions that you want to discuss so that we can save our time and got the important points. I found what tips/ advices I need from him and prepare some questions and sent him. Here are few


· What would you do if you were me in a case that you have option to join for two positions one as finance officer and other as management office?

· Some major areas I should focus regarding preparation?

· What has been your most rewarding accomplishment?

· How can I convert my failures into success?

Next day I made him call and discuss the main points.

Suggestions/ guidelines from him are here

Ø If I would be at your position surely I would go for finance officer or accountant as my major is finance. Management is also good position but I think we should go for in which we are specialized so that we get chance to enhance our knowledge related to that field by practical work and it is more worthy and appreciated that we have practical knowledge of field along with theoretical work.

Ø Before having interview I will suggest just revise basic concepts of finance, accounting, budgeting and taxation etc. for this you can go through the books of as those consists of most basic concepts. Besides all show confidence and passionate that you are well prepared. If you do not know the answer of any question don’t say sorry try to give any relevant point. According to my experience HRM mostly impress by the confidence, their way of talking, dressing sense, kindness rather than how much knowledge someone has.

Ø Most rewarding moment is when we achieve something that we want in our life. And after student life the rewarding moment is to get your dreamy job. My most rewarding moment was when I was promoted to manager from officer designation

Ø For making your failures to success there is one principle always take your failures your learning opportunity with positive attitude. Find out something new from every failure so that in future if you have same situation you can easily get rid of. If you call your failures your learning chance you will never lose hope and will be optimist that is necessary for a successful life.

After this discussion I showed gratitude and sent a thank you email. He said whenever you need any guidance you can contact me. By this activity I get chance to contact to those people whom I could never contacted so far. Meeting mentors, contacting and getting suggestions is a good way to enhance networking and building long term relationships with the people whom we admire and want to be what they are. I got the answers of all the questions that were making me confuse. I get a clear cut direction about preparation of interview and field.

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