Divine Pastimes of Sri Radha Krishna

Once Radharani was into a sulky mood (maan) during Raas Leela that was very difficult to subdue that She left the place of raasa on Her own, crossed the Yamuna, and came to this solitary forest. Distressed in separation from Krishna, She began to cry, and the stream of tears that flowed from Her eyes created this lake, or sarovara. Shri Krishna, the topmost relisher of transcendental mellows, searched for Shriji and found Her here. Placing His flute and His head at Her lotus feet, Shri Krishna admitted His fault and assured Her that He would never act like that again.

This charming place in Braj is embellished by the dense shade of the Pilu, kadamba and tamaala trees and by the peacocks, cuckoos, swans, deer and other birds and animals. It remains visible to our eyes to this present day so as to remind us of the pastimes of the Divine Couple, Shri Radha-Krishna.

In the old temple on the bank of Maana-sarovara, a painting is worshiped of Shri Krishna offering His flute and His head at the lotus feet of Shri Radhika in an effort to break Her maana.

Shri Krishna is looking at Her as if to say, “smara-garala-khaëòanaà mama çirasi maëòanam dehi pada-pallavam udaaram” — the beautiful flower blossoms of Your feet counteract the deadly poison of amorous love, and they extinguish the fearsome fire of the pain of that love, which rages within My heart. Therefore, please be kind and decorate My head with Your flower-like feet.

Another pastimes of this divine place is when Lord Shiv attained the Gopi Bhava by dipping at Manasarovar by the instructions of Lalita Sakhi and hence entered in Maharaas leela. This is another temple of Gopeshwar Mahadev, located at the bank of Maan Sarovar.

Shri Vallabhacharya Baithak is also located here.

Location: Maan Sarovar is located at Panigaon in Vrindavan.
All Glories to Albeli Sarkar.

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