Pair Programming

I can’t believe it is nearly the end of week 4 at The Iron Yard-ATL. Each week, I attempt to absorb even more information than the week before. While this feeling is extremely overwhelming, it is also exciting — it kind of feels like sitting in a college course and hitting fast forward each day. It is truly exhausting, and fun.

This week we had a few new challenges: a taste of pair programming and our first group project. My only prior knowledge of pair programming was this video from , and I watched it before working with elementary students. Basically, you work with a partner on a coding challenge. Each person has a specific task, and the tasks come together to complete the challenge or project. While one person is working on their challenge, the other person sits next to them and offers encouragement, advice, and any ideas. Then, you switch. It is kind of like one person driving a car while the other person navigates. The process might sound tedious, but it was extremely productive. Collaboration is so important, especially when doing difficult and new things. My partner and I moved through the exercise with a few struggles, but we were able to problem-solve and work through things together. The best part? High-fives at the end because you accomplished something together.