Pain Management: A Meditative Journey

My name is Fox. If you’re a fan of horror, you might recognize my name from my bylines on sites like Wicked Horror, Horror Fuel, or Gores Truly or from the fiction writing I do. There’s also a small probability that you’d know me for my independent publishing imprint which so far has all of one book, Spooky Words Press. You might have seen my fiction work in a literary magazine or an anthology. If you’re a small business owner, you might know me as the copywriter you’ve called to make sales copy for your launch snag the attention of your customers, or the person who ghost writes blog posts that keep your readers coming back for more. Then again, if you don’t know me that’s okay, too. (And to be honest, that’s far more likely.)

What I am, beyond all these accomplishments and articles, is a chronic pain sufferer. I’ve written about it on my blog and am working to profile other creatives with chronic illnesses in the interest of promoting awareness and hope for those who are suffering outside of the spotlight.

I’m writing because I’ve hit a wall. I have endometriosis. It’s a chronic pain and fertility disease that happens for reasons we don’t yet understand. It strikes women of reproductive age, and turns their own body against them. There is no known cure, and it’s estimated that 1 in 10 women will develop the condition in their lifetime. Since there is no known cure of endometriosis and the treatment options are limited, this wall of mine was inevitable. I have tried every known treatment.

I’ve done the hormones. I’ve done the chemically induced menopause; twice. I’ve been on birth control non-stop since I was 16 in the hopes that it would keep the pain and onslaught of symptoms away. I’m now at a point where the only options left are surgical and have low success rates. I know the dangers of opiate/narcotic addiction, perhaps better than most because I have been on and off the drugs so many times these last few years. I don’t want to be another statistic. I refuse.

So What’s Left?

When Western medicine fails you, you’re left with precious few options. Especially when it comes to chronic pain. When I was in college I went to counseling as part of a class which taught students the ins and outs of therapy. (I was a Psychology major as well as a Writing & Rhetoric student, after-all.) The graduate student I spoke with was a proponent of hypnosis. He talked about how it had been effective in medical settings and even during childbirth. It was our conversations on that topic which led me to click on an article about treating chronic pain with meditation.

The brain is a powerful thing, and it is my hope that I can utilize mine in a “mind over matter” fashion to help minimize my symptoms.

I will be documenting my progress here, in the hopes that it might help someone. I intend to utilize free and low cost meditative methods, as many treatments for chronic pain are already cost-prohibitive, and I’d like any of my findings (assuming I’m successful) to be as accessible as possible.

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