Easter Weekend in Montreal done right!

Montreal, QC — Photo by Peter Larsen

Oh yeah baby! The long Easter weekend is here :) If you’re like me these 4 days off combined with playoff Habs, longer days, and the spring weather makes you want to go all out and have the sickest weekend in Montreal.

I’m super pumped, I want you to have the best time and put your friends who bounced to NYC or Tremblant to shame.

Here are some of my recommendations of what to do this Easter weekend in Montreal.

What’s the new trending bars for some casual drinks?

  • Hit up Bird Bar’s new basement cocktail bar Henden (1800 Notre-Dame Ouest) just opened up, and if you look at Bird Bar’s gorgeous black marble bar — 10:1 odds Henden is gonna be beautiful.
  • Check out Darling (4328 Saint-Laurent) a cozy beer and cider house, just opened. It has a nice eclectic design and dope leather couches.
  • On the Plateau, Rouge Gorge just opened Le Royal (1232 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est), a speakeasy vibe you’ll like.

Where should I go watch the Habs with the homies?

  • Honestly, everywhere’s gonna be playing the game with a good vibe, don’t stress. I’m not kidding, my barber told me today they’re putting a screen in the barbershop because nobody wants to miss a second. God I love this city.
  • If you need direction on where to find a different sports-yelling-comfort-food atmosphere I’d go to Deville’s(1425 Stanley) and sit at the bar. I know, it may not seem like the ultimate sports environment, but the food hits the mark and the staff is always on-point. Another classic is Chez Serge(5301 Saint Laurent) where it’s always a good time and they have frozen pints — very important. Oh, I’m severly obsessed with Portuguese chicken these days — apparently Campo (1108 Maisonneuve Ouest), the Portuguese chicken fast-casual from uber-delicious Ferreira Cafe, is gonna be a dope spot to checkout the game. If not, hit up any of the Ye Old Orchards or McKibbins. You could also go dive bar grimey with a deep back in the days Habs conversation with un vieux de la vieille at Verres Sterilisés (800 Rachel Est). Again, everywhere will be a good time.

I have a date to impress, what restaurant should I go to ?

  • Honestly, Montreal has so many food options this one is hard to answer without more details. Not that I want to be a shitty concierge but I would refer to Eater’s Heat Map or Tastet for the extensive list of recommended restaurants to try. Based on what you feel like eating you’ll be able to make a pick that impresses your +1 with your great taste .
  • However, here is the list of places I want to go to and haven’t been yet: Montreal Plaza, Chasse Galerie, Vin Papillon, Bottega, Marconi (this last one is a lie, I went two weeks ago, but it’s that good).
  • Also, I don’t know if this is your first date or your wife, but I would definitely surprise her with an unexpected hotel reservation. It will definitely spice up your night — anything unexpected takes a regular night into an adventure. Pro Tip: Use Hotwire to get a sick rate on a room -choose 4 stars and up you won’t be dissapointed. Splurge on the 100% rated 5 star option in Old Montreal and you’ll end up in my favorite hotel in the city ;)

I have kids, what fun day-time activities should we do?

  1. There are hundreds of butterflies being released in the Botanical Gardens this weekend. Colourful, nature, movement. You’ll love it. Bonus = Biodome is right next door.
  2. Hit the movies up with either Boss Baby, Power Rangers or Beauty and the Beast.
  3. Laser Quest and/or Go Karting.
  4. Walk the Mount-Royal mountain.

Stop beating around the bush, I’m really reading this because I want to party, what’s popping this weekend ?

I’m pretty biased when it comes to this question. I usually look at who is asking me, what their vibe is and direct them accordingly. When someone asks me what’s popping I’m rarely excited by other parties (unless they’re really special) than the ones I’m actively participating in creating all week with the A5 team at work. I think that’s normal right?

Every bar will be popping, it’s in the air. Montreal is thirsty to party.

Good choices outside my circle would be Philemon or Santos if you’re in Old Montreal, Furco or Soubois if you’re Downtown, Drinkerie if you’re in St-Henri, Mile Public House if you’re in 10/30.

I don’t care that you’re biased and I’m tired of asking questions. I’m your VIP and you will be by my side all weekend making sure I end up loving Montreal. What is our schedule starting Thursday 5pm ?

Flyjin (Montreal, QC)

5pm — Furco first drinks at Rob’s bar
7:30pm — Kampai in the beer garden, dinner & drinks
10:30pm — Mayfair

11am — late wakeup 
Noon — Brunch at Bishop & Bagg in the Mile End
Afternoon — Walk around Mile End, gorgeous day, Kem Coba ice cream, visit indie stores, hype yourself up for round 2
3pm — Nap or Wind Down Netflix
5pm — Food & Drinks at 9–4–10 restaurant, playoff fever 
7pm — Game 2 Habs @ Bell Center 
10pm — Royal Rumble Tour begins — 1 drink per spot
Jatoba, Furco, Soubois, Kampai, Apt200, École Privée (in that order)
12:30pm — Last stop Flyjin with Thomas H, get ready for a bumpy ride
Late night — A&W or McDonald’s

1pm — later wakeup
1:30pm — Brunch at Universal
Afternoon — A)Walk in Old Montreal, Ssense, take pictures along the water & in front of the cathedral. 
B) If raining go to the movies/Netflix. 
C) Line up a BBQ at a friend’s place. Laid back Coronas. Good time
5pm — 
7pm — Chill out at home, hydrate and nap.
9pm — Dinner at Montreal Plaza. It will get boozy.
11pm — Toss up where we will end up. Saturday is the sure-bet night. Most probably will be dictated by the mood of everyone we partied with on Thurs/Friday. Vodka Redbulls a must. Strong odds Apt200.
Late night — Most likely another Mile-Ex underground party happening this Saturday. Don’t remember address, it’s one of the abandoned buildings 20$ cover. Ask a DJ.

1pm — Late wakeup and salad from Mandy’s ordered by Foodora(to feel healthy without having to move).
2pm — Bota Bota or Strom Spa (I prefer Strom). Hot/Cold Baths. Relax. You’ve been through a lot.
8pm — Feel fresh for family dinner 
11pm — If somehow you’re still up for it (unlikely), date night drinks at Atwater Cocktail Club

Tapped out — VIP tour is over. Don’t forget to tell the world how nuts Montreal was on Easter weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the recommendations. Have a nice long weekend everyone!