I make a left onto interstate 287 southbound. As a stare straight ahead. I think about the small freedoms I have been able to enjoy throughout my life. I enjoy them even more when I think back during the times when i didn’t have them.

I see scars on both my elbows. Each one carrying with it a reminder

I’m 12 years old. Home from a recent surgery. Both legs are casted from the waist down. I can’t do much. I’m tired. Not so much of the pain, stiffness, and awkwardness. Tired of having people do everything for me.

They get me food when i’m hungry

They get me a tissue when my nose is running

They scratch my toes when they itch

They carry me outside to play

Over time, this has been a very hard thing for me to accept.


So i told myself “i’ll be dammed” if i was going to get anyone’s help to use the bathroom.

So, I devised a plan, and carried it out.

1-roll over onto my stomach

2-position myself so that i’m crossing over the bed, instead of lying along with it.

3-turn myself over on my right side,

4- slowly crawl myself off the bed- clank

5-army crawl myself across the foyer

6-make a left hand turn into the bathroom

7-prop myself up on the commode/using the commode

8-hold on to anything for dear life


And then I think of my students and my life. Negative thoughts fill in my head. I think of the times when our greatest freedom is often threatened-


This is taken away by others who make the conscious mistake and choose to

Make fun of others to cover up their own insecurities.

Today, we call them bullies

You say “nah!, you don’t understand.”

Well remember the kid who said I didn’t count in my 7th grade gym class?

He’s dead.

He hanged himself, because his girlfriend said he didn’t count.


So if you haven’t been listening, please listen to this-

Come on in

let me close the door

take whatever you want

table, chair or booth

i’m going to give you what i want and you need

that’s the truth

Bullying isn’t hard

If it was, it wouldn’t exist

Just take something particular about someone and make a joke about it.

Well, everyone is different

And it’s done about things that don’t matter

I was once told that i song that i liked was bad because i was listening to it

it’s about the obvious

not long ago, someone close to me said “dude, your eyes are messed up.”

He’s known me his whole life…of course they are.

He must be blind.

To Bullies

You have no right to attack people

To the Bullied

You are under no obligation to be their friend

But you both have a right to your feelings

You have a right to get help. Talk to someone.

I do.

Even if tough times last

Tough people last longer

And as you go down the mogul ridden path

Your faith should grow stronger

If you fall off the horse

Bounce up, get back on the saddle

Victory highway will not be smooth sailing

For that road is a constant uphill battle

Let not the path to victory drive you insane

For the road to success is not paved

Positive thoughts might not always work

But negative thoughts will always kill you

So keep you mind, body, and soul on high alert

You’ll never know the heights you will take yourself to

So keep your hands on the wheel

And keep your foot and the gas

For the struggles you face will be real

And you can tell them to kiss your ###

Let not the path to victory drive you insane

For the road to success is not paved

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