Newsletter #6 – 8th November 2018

Greetings from sunny Barcelona!

This November is being decisive, among other things, the referral competition has been launched, the crypto algorithm is having his final tests and the BETA dashboard is having his development. Take a look at this newsletter and keep informed about this lasts news and updates.

Technical updates

PLATFORM AND APP DASHBOARD. As you know from our roadmap, this Q4 2018 is planned the Dashboard platform and App release in their BETA version. Following, we are introducing you a picture from the Platform Dashboard.

Fox Trading BETA platform for desktop and app

As you can see, it represents a total change from the last dashboard, starting with the main colour. We have chosen white to make it different from the majority of the trading platforms, which use dark colours. We are considering to give the possibility to change that white to a darker way or black. Send us your suggestions about it, via our webpage or via telegram, we will appreciate it!

About the platform structure, the content has been restructured to make it more understandable for the user. It is organized by “squares”, that not yet but in the final version they may be moved at user’s will. More improvements from the old version are the menus, that have also been changed. You will also have more information at your disposal.

CRYPTO AUTOTRADING. This will be the first available service on the BETA version together with Signals service. Crypto Autotrading will be accessible for the first 50 winners from the referral competition along with Premium ICO investors. For all other users, the access will be progressive.

This service operates between Exchanges with the Crypto Arbitrage algorithm

How does it work? This service operates between Exchanges with the Crypto Arbitrage algorithm. It is a fully automated service, there are only two requirements from the user’s side:

1) Be sure that the platform is opened.

2) To control that the exchanges are with enough funds to let the algorithm work.

This is together with the Trading Pool the main services of the platform. They will be accessible progressively along the BETA period, to led us to control the correct performance and security of the platform.

NOTIFICATIONS. They will be configurable to ensure that the user receives all the news and updates in real time. By the BETA release, they will be improved to be sure that you have no need to be attending the PC.

Fox Trading News

REFERRAL COMPETITION. Last Monday, Fox Trading Referral Competition had his starting point, we are really glad because it is being a success, the interest in the project has increased and it has helped make the community bigger. Many of you, have already joined it but for those who have not, we encourage you to do it! Great prizes are available, such as first three prizes, 20K 10K and 5K FOXT.

The negative side is that there are some people who have tried to win positions by multiple fake or duplicated accounts. As specified in the referral competition terms and conditions these malicious attempts end with disqualification.

Sign up and get your referral link, share it with your friends and see how you climb into the top of the ranking. This referral competition precedes the referral program that will be available once the competition ends, be aware that you will obtain important commissions from the benefits that your affiliates generate to the company.

About the exact date of the BETA platform release, it will be specified on the next newsletter, in three weeks time.

As always we ask you to keep supporting us, referral to your friends and all together we will make this community bigger!

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