Day 13 of #100DaysOfCode

Missed a post on day 12 (January 26).


  • JavaScript Address book. I was feeling inspired.
  • Managing package managers
  • Dart and Clojure fantasies
  • Learned about CSS (BEM and OOCSS)


Spent too much time on trying to use yarn on Windows. It simply can’t retain “global” permissions like NPM, and that convenience is important to me. Not to mention there is inconsistent behavior which switching between the Admin shell and user shell (read: too much hassle). A handle full of hours as sunken into this installation.

Code wise: Day 12 was solid, Day 13 was less so (again, that damned “personal life”).

Day 12: As I write this, I am struggling to recall the programmer that occurred. It was only yesterday!

Day 13: Straight, no chaser, I jumped into an article (or two) on CSS

Quite informative, and quite enjoyable. Still, no real code to show for it. I learned a good bit though!


I feel like I need to redo the last two days. I can’t recall any serious work from day 12, and that’s shameful. I want to start Monday — the 30th — with a solid Day 15. No confusion, no delays, no compromises, no excuses.

Quick side bar: the three best developers on my team at work are building Android apps on the side. Apparently, we don’t get paid enough. Still, the self-starter energy is inspiring, infectious, and worrying: do I need this supplementary revenue stream?

It can never hurt to have your assets covered. It pays out when your work is delivered, the client pays up, and you start establishing your financially secure future.

I’m game.

A Resolution

This Saturday and Sunday (January 28 and 29, respectively) will be Days 12 and 14, as D13 had a genuine few hours of work, with public commits and all.

After this update, I will re-post Day 12 (I think I’ll call it “12.1” or something silly like that). Then, Sunday, I will continue with day 14. Like a normal person. :)

If you’d like to hear a pinch of drama, read past the bullet. Otherwise, leave a heart if you enjoyed this post, or a comment if you have anything to say. I’m appreciate a “follow”, but I realize your Medium feed is filling up quickly. Cheers!

I’ve told you guys about my personal life in vague, non-descriptive quips and bemoaning a privileged existence. Here’s the long and short:

  1. I have a girlfriend, with whom my draining relationship is quite strained.
  2. I have desires (i.e. programming recreationally, learning foreign languages) outside of said girlfriend
  3. This girlfriend was my fiancée.

Willfully committing time to the girlfriend in question often leads to a feeling of “time wasted”. Diving into my desires produces a quantifiable growth and rich satisfaction: like being full after a sizable, but balanced, meal.

Looked at plainly, the way forward is simple. If only human were so obvious. But no. We are complicated.