Day 23, #100DaysOfCode

Push. Push harder. Press on. When you get bored, when you get tired, keep going. The end is near, and it can’t get any closer unless you persevere.



Yes! Dang it feels good. I’ve spent almost exactly 3.5 hours on the app, but it’s coming in hot.

I’m no lover of waterfall development practices, but I’ve adopted a principles-based approach to life. To this effort, I want to make sure my team and myself are on shared ground and principles before we wander off into the relative unknown: be it a software project, a camping trip, or otherwise. As such, I “get my self together” before getting any real work done.

Some say this kind of approach is too slow, when you could just crank the thing out if you work without morals:

“Just pour the excess into the river. Time is money!”

But sir, the river is clogged because we’ve been doing that all year.

Or in software:

“I’ll just code this up and worry about clean code later. It just has to do this little thing…”

We can’t really do that anymore, because this monolith has all these strange couplings. We’re going to have to think through where we implement this feature…

Same argument. Different skin. So what’s the point? Well, as the saying goes

“Stand for something or fall for anything”, creatives through the ages

I choose to write code that has clear naming.

I choose to comment my programs.

I choose to write out specifications for my software (systems).

I choose to write reusable functions for regular behavior in the system.

I choose to write code, so that someone else can work on it.

My new mentor is great. Hundreds follow his work and guides online (I’m going to keep him secret for a bit), and this evening I got him talking. He gave me a bit of 1-on-1 advice that was along the lines of, “there’s no harm in refreshing of what you’ve already learned”. You know what else is a great teacher of that principle? CSS.

I’m getting better. I can feel. The functional (and modularity-centric) thought process that I’ve grown over the past few years has helped me accelerate with picking CSS back up. I feel a little ashamed for having slid so far from where I thought I still was, but in reality I hadn’t climbed that high in the first place.


The little details in the Local Weather App:

  • “Block__element” based coloring for elements
  • Float icon to the “left” or “start”, depending on what CSS supports (android has a start vs. left concept)
  • Visualize depth and elevation among the few elements on the page
  • Draft first Angular2/AngularDart component of the side project(?)
  • Sign-up for CS50 from edX, and start blazing through it(?)

I’ve been working in parallel between JS/Angular2 and Dart/AngularDart. It’s just that much more enjoyable in Dart than JavaScript, and the Material Component Library is more usable for my tastes (I detest attribute-directives), so I think I’m just going to stick there and go deep instead of shallow on the subject.

Humbling and enlightening was today. The sun will rise tomorrow.

Till then.

I feel different in writing these last two posts. Something’s change within me and I think it’s going to be great. See you cool kids tomorrow.