“You’re not going to die on me,” Mercuri sobbed over the unconscious body of her wife.

Mercuri pulled Finnygaine’s body to the front door. She whistled for her Peryton to meet her. The great creature trotted into view and casually lifted the body onto its back. Staying still for Mercuri to jump on his back. Flapping his ebony wings, the beast took off once the conscious woman was on. Merc panicked pointing to the healers’ compound. The Black and red animal landed cautiously. Mercuri jumped off his back before he had actually touched the cobblestone below.

Mercuri ran into the building, returning only seconds after with four women. Two of them supported her wife’s head, one took her waist, the final supported her feet and legs. The compound women took Finnygaine to an empty room. Mercuri paced outside the room for hours while the women performed their magical and basic tests to find what caused her lack of consciousness.

“Miss,” a mousey looking blonde called out to Mercuri, “I have very bad news. Where are her siblings and children?”

Mercuri broke down, she screeched, “What is wrong with my wife? Her family didn’t even know she had anything wrong. I didn’t even know.”

The blonde, evidently uncomfortable with the idea of someone not telling about their serious illness, shuffled away. A different woman left the room and approached Mercuri.

“Did she tell you what is wrong with your wife?” This woman was much older than the previous one, she looked Mercuri in her boysenberry eyes.

Tear stained Mercuri’s spectrally pale cheek, she shook her head acknowledging the elder’s question.

A deep sigh escaped the elderly woman before she spoke, “Your wife is very sick. She will probably be dead by the end of the day tomorrow. The consumption has overtaken her lungs and part of her brain. She is awake, do you want to speak with her?”

Mercuri distraught by the news. Her brain forced her body to nod. The elderly woman gripped her arm pulling her to her wife’s room.

“There’s my girl,” Finnygaine greeted Mercuri, “why is my sweet little moon crying?”

Mercuri crawled into the bed with her wife, “you never told me.” Sobs wracked through Mercuri, “you could have… I could have… Why didn’t you get help?”

“Moonpie, there isn’t anything we could do to stop this. I didn’t tell you because I wanted to be happy in the end. I wanted to love you like I have everyday since we met. I wanted to love my babies. I wanted to make memories of the little things,” Finnygaine pulled her wife’s head to her chest, laying gentle kisses on Mercuri’s forehead between words.

Mercuri melted into Finny’s embrace. “Should I get the twins brought up,” Mercuri gasped out between fits of hyperventilation and weeping.

Finnygaine nodded, lips pressed against her wife’s heated cheeks. Finny acknowledged the ladies of the room, “please give us the room. My wife is fragile and I will need one of you ladies to reach my family.”

A slip of paper gave the address of Finny’s siblings. The other five children lived there, her twins were there for a visit. With that slip of paper exiting the room, Merc and Finny slept.