This is Ursa, my playful, loving Saint Bernard pup who stole my heart from day one. It has become an inevitable trend for me to look straight to this understanding soul when I need comfort that human companionship just can’t sway. So how crazy am I? Increasingly I have heard that pet owners often turn to their animals for comfort.

What is it about our furry friends that catches our hearts so deeply. We’ve all seen it, that rendering innocence and undying love in our pet’s eyes. …

April… National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Raising Awareness to Save Lives

In the United States, over four children die from child abuse or neglect daily.Approximately 70% of these victims are below the age of three (“11 Facts About Child Abuse“.) These events will alter the outcome of survivor’s lives. Many victims of childhood abuse fall victim to psychological disorders, continued abuse, and even criminal activity. Abuse seems to latch onto its victims and hold on; feeding off of every memory, success, and mile stone.

For most of society, the site or knowledge of a child feeling any pain or suffering is simply unbearable. …

We truly were the three best friends. Young and free with nothing to tie us down.Together, we made up a pack of women that were probably a little too rowdy, spent way too much time together, and had no plans of settling down any time soon.

That is… until one of us dropped the baby bombshell.

Mic Drop! Baby on Board…

We had planned our monthly shopping trip. The ultimate girls day. Shopping, spending way too much money we didn’t have to account for, girl talk, and lunch at one of our favorite spots.

This particular best friend is by far the strongest of us…

I started working at the young age of 15, and you had better believe that I took my job very serious. I worked hard, got outstanding grades in school, and had even started taking college courses my junior year of high school.

While I’m to this day extremely proud of my young accomplishment and the successful path they set me on, I never realized the harsh toll they were taking. Who knew success could tear you apart?

From a young age I was obsessed with perfection.Looking around I see this trend often in youth. I needed to have the best…

Morgan Fox

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