Royal Ubuntu Theme

New Unity Flat theme Based on Numix

Sultan Al Isaiee
Nov 4, 2014 · 2 min read

I am a big fan of Numix Theme, but the default color is too dark for my eyes. I have created this theme for myself but I thought to share it with every one ☺.

My Modification to the theme includes:

  • New Less Dark Color.
  • Dark toolbar for Gtk3 apps
  • Dark theme for GIMP and Qt Creator.
  • New Window Control (( Mac OSX 10.10 Style ))
  • Border-less Unity App Window

Default desktop and Files app theme and icon.
Geary Mail App
GIMP dark Theme
Kazam Screencast
Birdie App Theme
QtCreator Dark Theme

Pre Installation Process

How to Install the Theme

  • Download the Debian Installer for Ubuntu [ DOWNLOAD ]
  • Download the Wallpaper [ DOWNLOAD ]
  • Open Unity Tweak Tool App and select Royal as your theme and Numix-Circle as your icon.
  • Open GIMP → Edit → Preferences → Themes → gimp-royal
  • From Unity Dash search fro Qt-SDK to open QtCreator with royal theme.
  • Disable Unity Overlay scrolbar from Untity Tweak Tool → Systme → Scrolling → Scrollbars → Legacy

Theme review by Charlie Henson

Disclaimer: This is a modified theme from different sources, return to the source-code to support the respected creator.

This theme only support Ubuntu Untiy.

Download the Source [ Download ]

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