Block Island — CT — PA — DC

We left Block Island early on Independence Day. Block Island itself is a big Fourth of July destination, so our empty early-morning ferry passed several heavier ferries on the hour-long trip to the mainland, where we visited Ben’s godfather John and his wife Deb, who let us park a car with them for a week (Thanks guys! Happy 28th anniversary!)

A quick detour in Connecticut allowed me to see a childhood friend. With the exception of her wedding five years ago, we hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years. Our relationship was built on being kids ourselves, so seeing her now as the mom of two beautiful daughters was an incredible shift.

Lena, now 3, amazed me. She loves dinosaurs and picking strawberries and is a great storyteller.

We continued onto Philadelphia in a two-car caravan and dropped the Subaru with my mom. (We’re driving only the Prius — with its 180,089 miles — from here on out.) While there, we caught up with family, friends, and reconnected with yet another friend from growing up. It’s these connections and reconnections that I’m most looking forward to this trip. With our abundance of time, it’s something that’s finally easy to prioritize.

On July 5, we continued onto Washington DC. With the exception of a short conference I attended this spring, neither of us had been there in over 10 years. Some highlights:

Watching the US women’s team dominate the World Cup — with Clarke!

Going for an early morning run down Rock Creek Park and to the memorials.

Visiting the National Gallery of Art and the National Portrait Gallery.

Cheering on the National’s with college friends — and Clarke, again.

Yesterday — Wednesday — we took the scenic route from DC to Raleigh and traveled an extra 5 hours to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway and small mountain towns in Virginia.

We felt like we were back in the Green Mountains of Vermont. A steep trail run up to Spy Rock Mountain got us out of the car and to 360 degree views.

Next step: Raleigh/Durham, Asheville, the Smokies, and Knoxville. Stay tuned! And drop a line at any time: