FOXT Sale is over - thanks to all!

The FOXT token sale is successfully over. We want to thank everyone for all the support we’ve received in the last months. It was not easy, but with your contributions we’ve been able to raise enough funds for the further development of the platform. Together we’ll make this project one of the best trading signals platforms!

You are now probably wondering what are the next steps for Fox Trading, and on this article you can find main points, but also we’ll keep community updated through Telegram official Announcement channel. Join now:

FOXT tokens will be unlocked and transferable on June 13 15:00 UTC

1. Token Distribution

Unsold tokens:

Initially we think about burn unsold tokens during ICO, but it will be unfair because we can only sold 50% of tokens allocated for investors. Then, token distribution does not match our requirements — since now the company’s reserve would be as big as all the tokens sold during the ICO, and that would cause an unfair situation for the investors.

FOXT token scheduled distribution

The best way to adjust this distribution is then allocate the remaining tokens among all the investors — proportional to the tokens that were acquired during the different stages of the sale (private sale, pre-sale, round 1 and round 2).

During this next week all investors will receive automatically FOXT tokens on their wallets. No action is required. Then, FOXT tokens will be unlocked and transferable on June 13 15:00 UTC, once distribution finishes.

Bounty and Airdrop:

This week, all bounty pending requests will be reviewed and tokens sent to all users.

Important! Check that the whitelisted wallet of your dashboard is correct, no complaints will be accepted once the tokens are distributed.


We are legally obliged to require our Token Sale participants to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. If you did not pass the KYC just yet, you can undergo the procedure on the dashboard.

Please understand that it’s important that we do these checks because it protects you as a contributor to the project.

2. FOXT listed on Exchanges

We want you to trade FOXT tokens in the safest possible way, that’s why we have selected very carefully the exchanges we want to be listed on. While our negotiations with other exchanges are still ongoing, we want to start with Mercatox ( — a respected and well known exchange with more than $5M daily volume (top-75 according Coinmarketcap).

We’re waiting for final approval and sure in the following days we’ll be able to announce exact date to start trading FOXT on their platform.

Also, we want to include another popular exchange to start, with >$20M daily volume (top-50), but we’re still waiting for their approval to make the announcement — probably during June, as we defined on our roadmap.

Due to the recent high demand of token listing in all the platforms, the process are much slower, but we are putting all our efforts on that!

Also, as we trust in decentralized platforms, FOXT token is on way to be included soon on Forkdelta ( Will give all details once we get further notifications from them.

About Bancor (top-100), we regret to announce that finally we can not fulfill minimum requirements to allocate funds and integrate their protocol. It’s why we move quickly to replace it for Mercatox, and also the next exchange, as are much more better according daily volume.

3. Project updates

The development team already started working on the first BETA version of the platform, that will be ready before the end of this year!

Meanwhile, we’ll continue updating current ALPHA version to include more security (2FA login is coming soon), show correct membership status for Premium users, testing desktop notifications, etc.

During this month we want to release also ALPHA version for iOS devices.

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