Friends with Boba Fits at a Tokyo Meetup

Friday October 7th was the first serving of Friends with Boba Fits. My attempt at making a popup boba miracle while in Tokyo, to one day bring back home to the fog blanketed San Francisco. Hosting myself was my friend Keita Saito who wanted to have a meetup focused on Fashion, Technology, and Boba beverages. He did all the setup, found a space, invited a great set of people, and worked with me to ensure our venue could support the magic making of Boba Tea.

This wasn’t as obvious and easy as one would hope however. The venue, Smart News, had a really awesome event area that we were free to use (since my friend Rie had designed their office) but had a strict fire code. Beyond my expectations, the fire code declared that no flames and no steaming devices could be used. So we had to cook the boba pearls at Keita’s apartment immediately after work.

Tiny pearls for big friendships

On top of that, I couldn’t even use my standard water kettles to heat up water and brew the tea. So instead, I ovaried up and bought one of Japan’s most fantastic technical inventions. A steamless (mostly) water kettle powered by electricity and elephant love.

Water Power to the rescue

Hot water supply? check. Freshly cooked boba pearls? check. Tea? Check. Home made simple syrup? Check. Containers for freshly brewed tea? Check. All to be carried in a handful of bags that I luckily didn’t have to transport single handledly, or double handledly.

Friends with Boba Fits can travel to you anytime.

That’s now how you really roll with making boba though. To roll, you have to lay the water heater out nicely, make a space where you can have some small spills, and line up all the glorious teas for creating the delightful quandary of “what tea do i actually want?” to run though guest’s minds.

And the quandary began. Upon selection, i’d blend together freshly made tea, some ice, the best milk I could find at a convenience store, and my favorite syrup mixture. But one doesn’t stir their boba combination. One shakes. One shakes with the finest of cocktail shakers and pours it into a delightful cup (that will one day have a sticker or some kind of cool logo) with a small layer of boba.

Look at that mixing action shot

And with that, you get Friends with Boba Fits.

Look for more coming soon, as soon as I figure out how to get a real food handling permit.