Why socially responsible business building is crucial to our survival?

I think it is fair to say that most human-beings have a desire to live healthy, loving, happy, productive lives. But, as a society, we have been conditioned to believe that we have to behave in a specific manner to survive.

Society has constructed a lifestyle focused on our individual actions and results, to achieve personal goals. This subsequently means that we see civil rights fighters, public servants and ‘those courageous ones’ as our moral fighters, making the rest of us believe that the rest of us should live our everyday lives in a definition of ‘social normality’.

However, as we have come to learn more about our human inter-connectivity, and the impact that all aspects of our lives has on our survival as a species. In business, we observe the entrepreneur or business person as this bastion of economic courage; a go-getter, chasing a dream or personal goal. But, the power of a successful business is more than an opportunity to make money. It is an opportunity to impact millions of lives.

With the emergence of social media and ‘immediate impact communication’, it is imperative that businesses today, recognise the value of building sustainable and socially conscious businesses. The message of good business practice and the benefits it has on our society is important to share today, now more than ever.

We need to celebrate the businesses that address or serves the needs/wants of a particular audience, yet at the same time taking into account the issues of equality, fair pay, and well-being of all its stakeholders.

Companies like Arapina, a Healthy Lifestyle Bakery which provides delicious, healthy food options for all people, seems in itself to be doing good work. However, when you speak to the founder, Michaela Pontiki, you begin to learn that the service of food is a manifestation of her desire to help people to get to the heart of understanding the importance and benefits of living a healthier life. Her passion is also reflected in her business acumen, where she has a strong focus on long-term sustainability and education, which can be seen through her actions and where many of her staff’ personal goals, becomes something she shares with them.

Arapina Bakery and some of the team

It is also no coincidence that many of us felt the impact of the email of a Californian woman who informed her team that she was taking a mental health day, and the response she received from their boss. (If you don’t know what I am talking about watch the clip below.


We all want to be valued. Therefore, it is important that we recognise that business and the place of work is a place where many people spend a large percentage of our lives, the impact of business is more than just financial; it is also mental, physical and emotional. Therefore, the emphasis should be on the people we serve and those who help us to serve; from start-up to multi-national.