I found it interesting to share with you that R Markdown makes it possible to share a markdown file in many formats.

Suppose that you have to share your insights with people that don’t have the knowledge you have or even more important, with stakeholders! Then you need to use some kind of format that is friendly not only to you but to others as well. You may think about power point or something similar, isn’t it?. Today I will share information about creating amazing slides from a “.Rmd” file.

Slides with xaringan package

The main idea is to render output from an R…

Today, I decided to create an optimization guide for your visual reports. I will cover some topics that you can find in the amazing Tufte’s book “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”. I will be using python’s matplotlib in this example to elaborate on some graphics.

Modern tools such as Power BI or Tableau are highly influenced by the already mentioned book. This means that default plots will include some of the concepts mentioned here. Some other tools have no such optimizations though.

The concepts in this guide apply to any kind of graphic reporting. …

Federico Pereira

Datascientist with background in electronics.

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