My Body

[Short Poem]

Heavy are the lids which keep my eyes safe
The lobe which lets me see is sore from poor slumber.

My mind speaks crisply to let me know it craves
to learn, yearn, take risks, and be brave.

My fingers hold strength where other parts do not
Because of them I speak on paper.
I’m caught.

The muscle of my neck keeps track of time
It holds my other parts in line.

To wake and arise is the sole concern
of my legs, my quads, and shins.

They tighten then loosen to move the whole.
No need for gratitude after all it’s their role.

The most humble of all barely to make a sound
Are my feet who hold me up on solid ground.

My heart sends love in waves per second
grinding away without a hint of resentment.

My body, oh body, every part of me
Thank you, oh thank you for loving me effortlessly.

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