The Greatest Strength — Tender Mercies

[Short Poem]

What is mercy but evidence of divine favor
One such fleeting moment
Yet one I hope to savor

As my words change their form
I’m infused with inspired calm
New meaning to clarity reveal
A much deeper hidden song

Flashes back to a sweet gentle voice
God’s power soars in each word
“You’ll learn to be better”
Oh yes. I remember what I heard.

His sweet song of assurance rings true in my heart
He knows who I am and will never depart

The world oh it sways
So much in dismay
But He is most powerful one says

What power and majesty is one who’s soul
Speaks volumes and powers by sounding so low

A gentle breeze or fleeting moment
I thank thee O Lord for telling me then
A tender mercy would arrive and I’d remember it again.

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