Jalpc is an amazing tool to create your website. It’s what I used for siliconisland.ai website hosted on github which make my life so easy.

Unfortunately installing Jalpc doesn’t work out of the box due to dependencies so here is the 3 commands you need to run to make your life easy:

sudo apt install ruby; sudo apt-get install ruby-dev;gem install github-pages

Using git to update your website is the optimal way to work don’t you think?

Thanks https://github.com/jarrekk for your amazing work.

This post is a response to “Non, Montréal n’est pas la capitale mondiale de l’IA !” great provoking article from Olivier Schmouker at Les Affaires.

Of course, Montreal isn’t the capital of apply AI, Olivier Schmouker, you are quite funny but I do like a lot your article because it…

Francis Piéraut

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