Assessment 1 Part A

Reference: Struth, Thomas — Bem (1987): Unbewusste Orte/Unconscious Places

I select Thomas Struth works as my mimic target and analysis object, because I like the structure and expression of his work. A perfect photo focus on the layout, shooting angle, the screen of the three-dimensional, sense of space, color and light use and so on. Thomas Struth took good pictures by using three techniques, such as, a strip of topographies forming an elevation, A series of buildings connected by its everyday-life qualities and its heroic graphic and A series of seemingly banal and quotidian spaces that have some common abstract quality. the dominant hue of his picture are black and white. The church as the main axis of the left and right is divided into two parts of light and shade. Light came from the left, so the right is bright. This picture through the symmetric composition method to make project prominent.

I imitate his photography style to take one photo to analyze. In this picture, I choose the bell tower as reference substance, compare the left pf bell towet to the right of bell tower, the left part seems few and scattered, the right part seems cheek by jowl, too many people were waiting to cross the road and a few bus become typical striking constrast.

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