This week in Greenpeace pictures

Every day, people from all over the world fight to ensure a green and peaceful future for our planet. From Poland to Luxembourg, here’s a look at some of the top Greenpeace images this week

Protest against violence in the field in Brazil

Greenpeace activists protest in front of the Brazilian Congress, demanding an official response and the end of impunity on murders and violence in the field. 251 crosses were taken to the Congress, standing for the 251 murders in the Amazon from 2007 to 2016

INTERIM VICTORY: Protection of Bialowieza Forest at Environment Ministry in Poland

Greenpeace activists protest in front of the Ministry of Environment after a decision of the EU Court of Justice, to ensure the Minister respects European law and follows the Court order to halt any logging and removal of trees from the ancient Białowieża Forest in Poland. On the 20th November, the EU Court of Justice’s upheld order for Poland to cease logging in the Bialowieza Forest and imposed a penalty payment of at least € 100,000 for each day of future infringement. It is only interim measures not the final judgment of the case European Comission vs Poland but still a very important step to save Białowieza Forest. The ECJ’s decision as such is the first in history. Financial penalties have never been put on any country in such an early stage before

Solar action in Luxembourg

With an action at the Raemerich roundabout in Esch, Greenpeace Luxembourg activists from Belgium, Spain and Germany call on the Luxembourg Minister of the Economy, Mr Etienne Schneider, to demand during the negotiations on the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package, the massive promotion of renewable energies and to speak against the promotion of dirty energies such as coal. In the coming weeks, the EU institutions and national governments will decide on the future EU energy supply system and thus on Europe’s contribution to climate protection
Greenpeace activists project a holographic video of Indigenous community members voicing their opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline outside the head office of TD Bank (Toronto-Dominion Bank). The protest was part of a campaign against the bank’s financing of the controversial pipeline

Illegal logging in Amazon rainforest reserve

An area inside the Karipuna reserve set on fire for logging by illegal loggers. Ratified in 1998, the Karipuna Indigenous Territory (IT) is 152,930 ha in size and suffers from constant invasions of illegal loggers. Today the Karipuna territory is facing one of the highest rates of deforestation of all indigenous areas in the Amazon

Plastic waste monitoring of the Baltic Sea in Russia

Greenpeace experts and volunteers carry out plastic waste pollution monitoring at the Russian coasts and coastal waters of the Baltic Sea. They assessed the level of contamination of the water surface, as well as the coast in two areas: the Curonian spit (Kurshskaya kosa) — a UNESCO world heritage site, and in the Gulf of Finland — where the resort area with five million St. Petersburg inhabitants is located

How ETP built a conspiracy against Environmental Protection

The company behind the the Dakota Access Pipeline is suing Greenpeace and another advocacy group for everything from terrorism to arson to criminal conspiracy, attempting to erase the true history of an Indigenous led and peaceful movement and replacing it with lies designed to divide us. A new investigation reveals how Energy Transfer Partners built its unscrupulous case by hiring private security firm TigerSwan to infiltrate protest camps and monitor Indigenous water protectors and their allies

VICTORY! Iberdrola in Spain to go coal free

Spanish utility Iberdrola has decided to start the closure procedures to close its 2 last coal power plants in the world (both in Spain), to become a fully coal-free utility

VICTORY! Indonesia : Government to review air quality regulations

After months of intensive campaign through national media and social media on poor Air Quality in Jakarta and other cities of Indonesia, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry has decided to start the process of revision of Government Regulation no 41/1999 on the Ambient Standards of Air Quality. And they will include PM 2.5 and mercury as pollutants to be regulated and measured. The Indonesian Coalition of NGOs for Clean Air, in which GPID plays leading role, has been invited to submit policy analysis and recommendations to the process of revision

And from the Archives

Ocean defenders tour in East Asia, March 2011
Stomach contents of dead albatross, Sept 2009
West Africa Arctic Sunrise fisheries tour, March 2010
Aerial view of Syncrude Auroroa tar sands, July 2009

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