In the beginning there was var. And it weakly defining that there was something there. It was lawless and everything could be done to it:

var user = { name: 'Sarah', friends: ['John'] };
user = null;
// No error

This dangerous beast had to be tamed, and the Javascript…

Working Demo | Broken Demo

Someone decided to redo a Javascript large menu into pure CSS. Looking at it and the author motivation brought back memories of the time I was hacking around pure CSS components with Picnic CSS.

But the menu is completely broken! As many cried on Hacker…

I released the first official version of server.js, a library to make developing a web server in Node.js a lot easier. Based on express,, helmet and more.

One year ago I had a problem and I decided to solve it. I was teaching Node.js …

I have taught Node.js + express.js to quite some people and there’s always a point where I just have to say: “this part is way too complex to explain at this point, so just copy/paste this”. This breaking point is connecting express.js to all those middlewares.

When I was traveling…

Note: thanks to npm making this possible and for their awesome support.

You might be surprised to know that I am developing server.js under the npm name “server”, so I can direct users to just do npm install server. Wait, wasn’t this package taken already?

In fact it was; there…

This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back; as I’m learning and improving about how to use the Raspberry Pi I read this article called “Stop using a Raspberry Pi for everything”.

But I tell you, use the Raspberry Pi! It sits in the middle ground from Arduino and…

This release marks the end of a way longer than expected development cycle and the first public release for testing. The core functionality for this version is released and will be kept compatible for the full 1.x cycle.

After 50 alpha releases — since NPM asked me not to publish…

I just read the article “Never Mix Promises and Callbacks in NodeJS” from the front-page of Hacker News and I found two errors that have nothing to say with what is explained in the article.

I do love promises and think that async/await are awesome, so I want to explain…

It just became apparent to me that an async function that is called returns a Promise and that is really great. The reason is that there are few libraries that work great with it, including server for Node.js and Jest.

Good news: from Node.js 7.6 you have native async/await support!

Server middleware

Francisco Presencia

Open sourcerer. Love programming and Javascript. ISO 8601 evangelist.

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