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Cross-platform apps are becoming more and more important for businesses. We want to target all platforms with as little as effort as possible. WebAssembly allows you to run your code everywhere and WASI allows you to use the same methods across devices. We wanted to help developers and give them 2 more platforms.


We already announced WASI support for PlayOS through Wasmer. But we wanted to go a step further. The power of PlayOS is that you can continue right where you left off. …

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⚙️ Native app Support

PlayOS now fully supports WASM that follows the WASI spec. This means that regular applications can be run on PlayOS. We are using the Wasmer ( runtime to achieve this. Through this, we are able to run native applications such as OpenSSL and SQLlite. But there are many more to come. The WASI spec is still under development and currently only supports command-line tools. But support for drawing is coming, and when it does PlayOS will immediately support the spec.

Also, this means you can write your applications in any language available. Such as C#, Java, Python, Rust, etc!

🎨 Web manifest support

We want apps to have a common way of configuring their execution environment while also including information used to display in the store. Web manifest is perfect for this use case. It allows developers to fill in important details about their app, such as the icon and description. So today we’ve added support for the Web manifest spec. You can also easily install a web manifest using the “Install app” in the sidebar nav. …

Updates on PlayOS and Rutile! 🎉

🖥 Window Management

We’ve added support for regular windows instead of only fullscreen apps. This allows users to be more productive. They can snap windows to the side in order to split windows evenly.

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🗂 App Drawer

We’ve changed the app drawer from a scrolling view to a grid view. This is much cleaner and translates better on mobile. Desktop still has support for keyboard and mouse for quick access.

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⛏ Rutile integration

We’ve successfully integrated PlayOS with Rutile. The full PlayOS front-end runs on the IPFS of Rutile. It also makes calls to the smart contract of PlayOS. …


Franklin Waller

Founder of Rutile, a fee-less decentralized application platform

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