Fractional Rocket Community Sale - in depth — SOLD OUT.

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Community Sale — February 12th, 4:00 pm UTC

Note: This medium article is about the Community sale.
The public sale is planned a week later and more information can be found
here. More information about the stealth launch, read here.
For the tokenomics, please see


  • 125,000 tokens for sale (12,5% of total supply).
  • Sold at a fixed price of US$ 0.08 per token. The discount % vs. the launch price will be known after the public sale.
  • Max contribution at start of US$ 100 per person, which increases to US$ 800 over the course of 24 hours.
  • Only available to those on the Discord Whitelist.
  • Hard cap at US$ $10,000, 24h period max.
  • Proceeds used to propel near-term growth: third party KYC, code audits, marketing.

How can I get on the Discord Whitelist?

Please join the Discord, and follow our Twitter account. We are running multiple competitions to get people active and grow our userbase, which will benefit all investors.

When is the Community Sale?

The sale will take place on February 12th at 4:00pm UTC. The max contribution per wallet will be doubled every 6 hours. This sale will go on for 24 hours, or until all available $aFROCK is sold.

For different timezones, please use these links

What is $aFROCK?

$aFROCK is an NRT token (Non Transferable Token) which means it cannot be transferred or used to supply liquidity - it can only be redeemed. The reason we are using an NRT token is to prevent non-approved liquidity pools from being launched prior to our official listing.

$aFROCK will be redeemable 1:1 for $FROCK at protocol launch.

How much can I contribute?

The maximum allocation per person starts at $100 and doubles every 6 hours, until the maximum of $800 per person is reached.

  • Feb 12, 4:00 PM – 9:59 PM UTC: $100
  • Feb 12, 10:00 PM – Feb 13, 3:59 AM UTC: $200
  • Feb 13, 04:00 AM - 09:59 AM UTC: $400
  • Feb 13, 10:00 AM - 3:59 PM UTC: $800

Am I guaranteed an allocation?

Yes - but the launch is first come, first serve. It is possible that we sell out during the second time slot, at $200, so please make sure you deposit your first amount during the first 6 hours.
This launch is set up to ensure that everyone gets some amount of allocation, but we recommend you are at your computer or phone and are ready to contribute when the community presale starts / at every subsequent increase in contribution cap.

Which stablecoin do I contribute with?

The community sale will be done using USDC, which can be purchased on SpookySwap.

Click here to buy USDC with $FTM.

How do I pay for gas?

For your purchase (and other) transactions on the Fantom Opera network, a $FTM gas fee is required. Though the amounts should be very small (0.05 $FTM per transaction), we recommend you have at least 1 $FTM in your wallet.
If you find yourself without any $FTM, friendly ask a mod on Discord for $FTM for gas fees on the channel. Swap any token in your wallet, or bridge new fund, and make sure you have at least 1 $FTM again. And then please consider paying back the mod that has helped you transacting again.

How many tokens are for sale?

We will be selling 125,000 tokens, which is 12,5% of initial total supply

How much is each token?

$aFROCK will be priced at $0.08 per token. So if all 125,000 tokens are sold, we will have raised $10,000. As there are 1,000,000 tokens total this values the protocol at $80,000 on a fully diluted basis at this early stage.

How is it structured?

A total of 125,000 $aFROCK tokens will be up for sale during the Community Offering. $aFROCK will be redeemable, 1:1 for $FROCK, at time of our public launch.

There are 125,000 $aFrock available, offered at $0.08 per $aFROCK. In the first timeslot the max contribution per wallet is $100, doubling every 6 hours minutes until the max of $800 is reached (18 hours later).

The time slots are as follows:

  • Feb 12, 4:00 PM — 9:59 PM UTC: $100
  • Feb 12, 10:00 PM — Feb 13, 3:59 AM UTC: $200
  • Feb 12, 04:00 AM — 09:59 AM UTC: $400
  • Feb 12, 10:00 AM — 3:59 PM UTC: $800

Only those on our Discord Whitelist will be able to participate in the Community Offering.

When can I claim my $aFROCK?

$aFROCK will be claimable immediately after the conclusion of the community sale.

What will you use the proceeds for?

The funding raised in the Community Sale will be used for

  1. Third party KYC
  2. Code Audits
  3. Marketing


Please be aware that there is a possibility that fake $aFROCK, $bFROCK or $FROCK tokens are created. Do not purchase anything that is not posted on our official socials / website. Please also be aware that Fractional Rocket team members will never reach out to you first. Always ensure you have the right token address and website URLs.

All information will be posted via official Fractional Rocket platforms:

Fractional Rocket cannot be held liable for any mistakes resulting from user negligence and inattention.


Please note: participation in these offerings comes with abundant risk. There is no guarantee your investment will perform well, or that the protocol will be successful. Please only contribute what you are comfortable losing. Crypto is risky in nature and you should always exercise risk management and caution.