Photographs Are Made With Light, Not Sensors and Tech
caleb kerr

I’ve been clicking pics for a great number of years and I’ve spent my time in darkrooms, I even had a full-on wet lab & photo mounting station in the garage, I was seriously down with Adams and Weston and all the great photogs… and then I came face-to-face with digital. Oh the anguish and breast beating about purity of image and archival quality, but in time I finally realized what Caleb said so eloquently: gear and equipment are cool but image and light are king. I still have the requisite “serious” photog gear somewhere in boxes, but I’ve also found that (just about) everything I need to click a good photo can be captured with my high-end cell phone (and computer) and a few available apps, and the final prints comes from Costco. Ansel may be rolling his eyes but my inner muse is happy once again because I’m back in the game and enjoying the process.

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