Welcome to 2020 Fr8ers! We are excited about what the new year will bring and hope you share in our optimism.

Fr8 Network wrapped up 2019 in a strong position within the Moving and Relocation industry, demonstrated by our involvement with executive discussions regarding industry-wide data problems and CEO Sloane speaking on an exclusive panel at the IAM annual conference.

Moving quickly, IAM, FIDI and OMNI announced in November the creation of the Moving Mobility Standards Alliance (MMSA) with the goal of creating data standards for reliable data exchange.

The initiative was met with significant fanfare and industry leaders have provided their own opinions on how best to achieve the goals of the MMSA. Fr8 Network is in regular contact with the organizers of the MMSA and hopes to see standards agreed upon in the first half of the year, with development of an industry data platform beginning shortly thereafter.

2020 will be a decisive time for the initiative and as always we will keep you up to date with the activities going forward.

We’re particularly impressed with the speed these leaders have demonstrated getting the program up and running. The cooperation between competing alliances highlights the universal acknowledgment of the problem and commitment to lowing barriers to help solve them.

Our recommendations include the use of the Fr8 Protocol as the manifestation of any adopted data standards.

Last week the Inspector General’s office published a scathing study detailing the pains of moving as a US military member.

Some of the findings were very interesting, for example:

…DoD members did not receive 41% of shipments on or before the delivery date or the agreed-upon delivery date from the storage location…

…21 percent of all domestic household goods shipments had at least one damage claim filed…

The Fr8 Network team has already begun our proposal to solve some of the issues found in the report. Specifically, the Inspector General’s office recommended a few enhancements to the DoD’s moving system which Fr8 Network can address using the Fr8 Protocol.

Because of the DoD’s influence on the industry, members of the MMSA will be expected to help solve the issues found in the report. Fr8 Network will help our friends in the MMSA respond to the findings and improve the quality of the industry moving forward.

NOTE: US purchasers of FR8 token will receive their distribution next month. Please reach out if the token address you provided needs to be changed.

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