Diversity in Tech: The Unspoken Empathy Gap
Jules Walter

Maybe your coworkers could smear their faces with shoe polish, so that you feel less isolated?

Seriously, I can imagine that it feels weird to be the only person who looks different in some respects, but why isn’t a simple “deal with it” enough? And if you look a little bit deeper (maybe by employing empathy), you might find that many more people are isolated in a way. Maybe some of them are fat or unattractive, or have a dangerous disease. Maybe some have relationship issues. Maybe some are disabled. Maybe some don’t care about football and feel left out when their coworkers discuss sports. Maybe some can’t have children, and feel saddened when their colleagues discuss buying baby clothes. Maybe some are overworked or unqualified for their jobs. And so on.

In general, the world can not solve these peoples problems for them, they’ll just have to deal with them.

It’s another matter if you are actively being discriminated against. But feeling bad because you look different?

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