For Good Men To See Nothing
Ken Burnside

The problem with such articles is that too many things are mixed together. Grabbing somebodies ass is clearly out of bounds and should probably result in expulsion from a conference. The case is less clear cut for sex jokes or sexy cover art. Why should women be more bothered by sex jokes than men? And some women seem to like to dress like the sexy women on the cover art — not an excuse for grabbing their ass, mind you, but maybe an indication that sexy cover art is not necessarily the problem. In fact, why would anybody go there who doesn’t like the general style? Why assume that women are generally bothered by the subject of sex?

I don’t think all conferences should make any references to sex or sexual attraction a taboo. Maybe there could be extra conferences for people who really don’t want to be confronted with anything sex related (PG rated conferences?). Just as there are movies and books with or without sex. But for normal adults, it is an important part of life.

Maybe many gamers are still comparatively young and haven’t quite figured out how to deal with the opposite sex and their attraction to it (or, for some, attraction to the same sex). Maybe some even need the roleplaying aspect of games to experiment with their approach. In any case, such conferences are probably a likely scenario for first encounters with the opposite sex, with some awkwardness to be expected.

If it is really a problem that women are not believed when they complain, by all means, encourage men to step up. But not also not every complaint makes sense, and not everything that could make some woman uncomfortable should be cause for punishment. Incidentally, what did you do when you witnessed the ass grabbing?

(I just remember that at the last company I worked for, the women were prone to the most disgusting sex talk. You really can not assume all women are fragile beings who can not stand the thought of anything sexual).

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