VCs- don’t compare me to your wife, just don’t
Sarah Nadav

You asked him why he hasn’t founded any female founders. He tried to say that he thinks there are fewer women trying to become CEOs because many women prefer to be mothers (and focus on it - yes, you can try to do both, but not every woman wants that). He even said it is not related to the female founders themselves, just the reason why there are fewer of them. So he explicitly did not compare you to his wife. His explanation is probably correct. In any case, why would he ever fund you if you start with an accusation (no female founders in the portfolio)?

And mentioning the wives is probably often just small talk. Saying their wives have nothing in common with you because you are a founder sounds rather condescending. Why should anybody fund you after you insulted their spouse?

Imagine you try to hire somebody, and their personality is to be always looking for errors in your behavior and always being on the lookout for being wronged. Maybe such a person can be tolerated, but I doubt anybody would actively desire to work with such a person. But that is how many feminists seem to approach their jobs.

Why not instead try applying the principle of charity:

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