A perfect day

How would do you describe a perfect day? Have you ever asked yourself this question? There are many factors that can make a day perfect within the current framework you are currently experiencing. An effective manner to make everyday a perfect one is as you wake up in the morning greet the day as it was the last one of your life and meditate on the tic tac sound of the clock and with every sound focus on the intensity and preciousness of the moment that is irreplaceable. Do you want to make something beautiful out of it or let it slip as a worthless annoyance?

There are many things we do along the day which are mere routine and may seem bothersome but that are inevitable and part of living in our times and belong to a determined society but it is within these boundaries that we have the space to define the relative perfection and create room for advancement towards our personal objectives.

The value we can extract on those moments in which we seem to be more dead than alive because we have all done it so many times and it is deadly boring and energetically draining you, is using them as a meditation tool to tame the wild horses in your mind.

When we start using these moments as opportunities to master the control of the thinking flow, magic starts happening in your life and the energetic flow reverses and you are able to get energy from your surroundings instead of getting it sucked.

The biggest cause of lack of energy nowadays is the tension accumulated in our muscles. The busy days, work deadlines, financial and social obligations keep our muscles tense through the day in an unconscious state. Psychological trauma accumulates in the body in the form of muscle tension and they drive our attitude along the day. Only by being perfectly aware of the moment we can release these tensions and be in full control of our subconscious mind. By doing the inevitable activities with a meditation attitude we can correct our tensions and gain energy by doing them instead of getting drained.

Once a much bigger amount of energy becomes available you will have more time to perform the activities that you long for and your days will become perfect. So the key point is to remind yourself every day that you want your day to be perfect;


1- Open your eyes in the morning and thank the morning for the new day

2- Listen carefully to the alarm clock tic tac and watch its needles moving and be conscious that every second that passes is irreplaceable

3- Remind yourself the most precious things that you would like to make with your time

4- Use the routinary and cumbersome activities as a meditation to energize and tone your body and mind.

5 Write down what it makes a perfect day for you and spend as much as possible time everyday on those activities.

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