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1k visitors in 2 days: what I learnt

I recently launched a personal website to support my activity as a freelance. With my first blog post, I had 1000 visitors in just 2 days. Here’s what I learnt because of all the things I’ve done wrong.

Last year I started working as a freelancer so I decided to create a personal website, trying to handle every single aspect by myself.

I never wrote a single line of code, but the hardest challenge wasn’t a technical one (even if there’s still so much to improve).
For someone like me who have always worked in team, the toughest part was having no one to ask for advice and telling me I was wrong when needed.

I had the idea of contacting some famous web and social italian bloggers and ask them if it still matters having a website. It is an evergreen question, quite interesting for anyone working in marketing.

For every answers, I created cards to revive the discussion on social media.

Let me introduce my guests: Benedetto Motisi, Veronica Gentili, Pierluigi Vitale and Francesco Ambrosino.

Combined, they have more than 18k follower only on Twitter.
They were extremely kind and supported me spreading the content to their audiences.

Imho, results were great:

in the first 2 days, I had more than 1k visitors and more than 100 shares.
But I’ve done so many things wrong.

these are the numbers according to Buzzsumo

Here are some of them.

This article was supposed to be the first on my blog. 
I really liked the idea of having a kind of “official premiere” but, actually, there was not a single reason why the readers should care about it. 
With more posts already published, visitors could have read more of my stuffs and get to know me better.

I expected a lot of traffic from social media and, consequently, a high bounce rate. But maybe it was a little too high.
I’m aware that my hosting is not extremely performing, especially on mobile, but was not related with the issues.
In fact, looking back at my blog as a reader, it really had problems of readability (I fixed some issues, so let me know if you find it easy to read)

I thought it was useless trying to convert visitors after a single post. What a fool!
I could have create a form to collect contacts; I never expected so much traffic and, in the end, it could never come back.

These are just some of the many issues I faced during these first months as a blogger.
I always considered the idea of using my website as a training ground, so I am not scared from the idea of fixing my errors.


ps. The website is, is written in italian, but let me know what you think.

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