The curious case of Mojo for Dummies

(I unsterstood what the hell I had to write on Medium)

Why? For months I ask to myself why I had to write on Medium. I was posing to myself the question and always answering with another question: Why? Why I had to spend my time to occupy another web space with my blogging? I have a personal site, I have a professional site, I have all the social networks and I live my life and my job completely digital. For months I went around wondering what did I have to write on medium and why.

Without finding out an answer.

But some days ago everything changed. I met a guy called RafDouglas C. Tommasi and he explained to me Medium business model. I found it very democratic and poweful, I found it oriented in granting the quality before clicks. Raf explained me also the the way to reach out a new Public in the new community with blogging in a peculiar way. He convinced me on the good qualities off Medium plan. I seemed passionate about this platform as one of the cofounders. After that meeting I started to think about the way to find out an editorial project before starting blogging on Medium like a fool. For some hours I went around wondering if I was able to write something trying to be useful.

During a a trip back to Milan, I found my answer. I decided to create a new project on Medium based on the mobile content creation culture. Do you want to know which one? Simple in these lines and in this blog, I will try to teach MObile JOurnalism and mobile content creation

for dummies.

I repeat: MOJO is Mobile Journalism and I will teach it… for complete dummies. Don’t laugh, i I know this category of people because I’m part of it. Be sure, I am a dummy about technology and smartphones and editing tools, but I’m quite good in journalism. For this reason I tried for years to study the way to build editorial content with smartphones and tablets because I understood early that this was my future. And from a dummy position I have studied, I have tried, I have tested, I have made mistakes, I tried again, I made bigger mistakes, with the only target to come out from the dummy category in mobile journalism and mobile content creation.

And become someone useful for me and some other people.

I achieved my goal with the curiosity, with passion, with desire of starting new things and trying new languages and experimenting the newest roads to do my job.

Now I’m convinced that it’s the time to write on Medium and give away all of the exceptional things that I have learnt in these years of study to give all the people the chance to create beautiful stories with the smartphone.

Believe me, even if you are an architect, a student, an housewife, a Formula One Pilot, a stricker, a teacher, a farmer, a super busy CEO or a desperate unemployed man, mojo could give you the chance to change your visual image and start a new road. Just for trying to find a new job or simply a new way to tell everyone the marvelous and unique story of your life.

And now follow me and let’s start an incredible Journey inside the world of mobile content creation for Dummies like you and me.