There will be days when it exhausts you, being a shock absorber for everyone else’s sad attitudes toward their own bodies. There will be days when you are wrung out, a sponge cleaning up the messes of others misperceptions. We fight long and hard, you and I, just to be seen for who we are, and heard over the din of debate over our bodies.
In defense of fat sadness.
Your Fat Friend

And god forbid, as a person who tries to be fat positive, that you ever dare to utter discomfort in your body, even if it’s legitimate, physical discomfort. Because that’s clearly a sign, and you will be attacked from both sides of the aisle. You will be adrift in a sea of isolation, knowing you can’t dare admit this to anyone… because the fat haters will pounce on it as proof you are just miserable in your life, in your body and that this is true 100% of the time. And the body positive people will view it as antithetical to what they stand for and do, and see it as you daring to say, hey this is uncomfortable. I know better than to try to change it but some days… some days I wish I could.

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