Who Are You Writing For?
Shannon Ashley

Your daughter is precious. I am glad she has you for her mom.

I write because it’s how I process things. But I also write for the fat teenaged girl I was who was told she wasn’t good enough, wouldn’t be loved, wasn’t going to find happiness, etc, etc. None of that was true. I met my husband when I was 380 pounds, married him 5 years later when I was 380 pounds… and we’re still together almost 20 years total and my weight has been anywhere from a known low of 325 to a known high of 514 and his love and support for me have never once wavered.

I write in the hopes that other women and girls out there will read what I say and realize they are so much more than a number. That love IS possible, regardless of your size.

I write hoping medical professionals reading what I say might rethink how they treat their fat patients. That they might realize we are human and worthy of more than “lose weight” as a treatment for everything from knee pain to friggin’ strep throat. That we deserve the same care and attention they provide their thin patients.

I write because I have to, but I also write because I hope, in some small way, maybe I can change just one person’s mind about these things or help one person who needs to know that they are not the problem… our culture is.