Fragnova Announces Pre Testnet Event

2 min readAug 8, 2022
Fragnova Pre Testnet Event on 10 August 2022

Fragnova (a.k.a Fragnova Foundation) aims to provide to creators and developers the right tools to build the metaverse, while offering opportunities for the new creator’s economies. With its innovative tech, custom chain and decentralized marketplace, Fragnova is establishing new forms of monetization and fair distribution of royalties to people involved in the whole game development ecosystem.

The Pre Testnet event will happen over three days from 10 August, 2pm SGT to 12 August 2022, 2pm SGT. Users will be allowed to create the Fragnova accounts directly on the chain from our Discord server without any wallets, plugins or other user-unfriendly tools for the case. There will also be a Twitter giveaway in conjunction with the Pre Testnet event, where one lucky winner will walk away with a SUPERNOVA 🤖 role.

Fragnova eyes the Testnet launch in Late August/ Early September, where the users will gain access to the Testnet Closed Alpha and Creator Store Alpha, a preview of the Fragnova Marketplace. Additionally, users can create accounts and wallets from the Discord server and perform more tasks such as uploading a Proto with an image file following a standard format and reporting a bug or an issue during the Testnet launch.

Prelude to the launch, users can gain access to learn more about our Protos and Fragments and understand the bigger vision to empower creators, enabling a cross-chain environment in the metaverse world or exploring our works in depth.

About Fragnova

The Fragnova Foundation is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation with the vision of revolutionising gaming and bringing a more decentralised, creator-centric approach to development. The Fragnova Network is a community-driven platform that aims to empower content creators, giving them the right tools and perpetual royalties for their work while also providing immutable storage which will preserve their creations forever. The Fragnova motto is: “Create, Preserve, Earn.”

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