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5 min readMar 23, 2022

We at Fragcolor are happy to announce Fragnova, a gaming network aiming to connect asset creators, game developers and players through a cross-chain environment. While other blockchain platforms seem to heavily focus on “play 2 earn” and economics, we want to promote an environment where games are what they are meant to be: fun.

A network for gamers, by gamers.

Changing the game development landscape

Everyone knows that to build great games you need creative ideas, but also great (and easy to use) tools and high quality assets. Oftentimes game projects involve multiple people (up to dozens or hundreds) spanning across multiple fields like illustration, 3D modeling, animation, sound design, coding and more!

Games have become more complex over time, with players expecting a high level of polish even from smaller developers. Thankfully as the game market grew, so did the industry, and now there’s a big influx of people not only making games but also making the pieces essential to game development: assets.

Assets are game-ready files designed to be optimized and easy to use, allowing developers to focus on building their games instead of having to create everything from scratch. These assets are typically offered in asset stores and can quickly become a huge cost when added up.

The current asset store model revolves around developers paying a fixed amount to buy an asset from a content creator. This process creates two problems. In the first place, it creates a barrier to entry for indie developers, who might not be able to afford buying all the assets they need to build their game. The second issue is that content creators don’t have the option to receive royalties for their assets. Royalties are important because they reward creative talent with a perpetual stream of revenue derived from games that utilize their assets.

The Fragnova Network aims to solve both of these problems by removing the initial cost of assets and offering royalties to content creators instead. Together with our community, we want to empower content creators and build an expansive library of assets and games, all while improving the quality of the content and experiences in our platform.

The Fragnova community will create better games while enjoying a lower monetary and technical entry barrier.

Another benefit of being a creator in our network is gaining access to Fragcolors’ innovative game engine. This engine will be focused on absolute interoperability of game data and logic, moddable games and innovative creators UX. All of those components are built on top of the Fragnova Network.

Game marketplace and trading nexus

Providing an innovative asset store model isn’t our only goal though. While content creators and developers will make great use of the Creator Store, players will enjoy many features of our Metaverse Store, where games, apps and in-game items games can be found.

More and more gamers want to be able to trade and sell what they collect in game. Be it for making a profit, purchasing other games or migrating their wealth to new games. Oftentimes you see players wanting to sell their items in game A and buy items in game B, something especially common in the MMO community. There are forums (like d2jsp), discord servers and even the Steam Community Market that try to achieve that, but these are very limited or risky.

The Fragnova Marketplace will give the power and freedom to the community, allowing members to collect and keep what they want, sell or trade what they don’t want, and not be constrained by the walled gardens of traditional publishers.

While the Metaverse Store will focus on games and apps, we want it to be a welcoming place for all creative projects, from art to music.

A creative network

So what is Fragnova? An asset store, an app and game store, a trading network, a community. The Fragnova Marketplace is divided into two stores: the Creator Store and the Metaverse Store.

For content creators: You will have the option to receive a percentage of the revenue of the game’s, apps or any final work that utilizes your assets. You will upload and manage your content on the Creator Store.

For game developers: You will be able to add high quality assets from the Creator Store to your projects with no or minimal initial cost. You will publish your games, as well as in-game items, on the Metaverse Store.

For players: You will be able to find and play all of the community’s creations on the Metaverse Store, as well as collect and sell games or items to others. You will also have the ability to transfer what you own to other chains.

How are we making all of this possible? Fragnova has its own blockchain with innovative contracts and structure that will offer: royalties, interoperability, smoother user experience (compared to the cumbersome traditional chains), but still allowing our members to transfer what they own to other chains if they wish so.

We invite the gaming community and content creator community to join us and build this network to be the best and most welcoming hub in the open metaverse. We will be announcing significant partnerships soon, as well as plan for the FRAG token launch!

Stay tuned as we reveal more information about Fragnova, the opportunities for the community and our whitepaper.

About Fragnova

Fragnova is on a mission to revolutionize the gaming industry by promoting a more decentralized and creator-focused approach to game development, founded on User Generated Content (UGC). Via the Fragnova Network, creators and developers have a way to unleash their full potential and bring their creative visions to life. By building the new Creation Operating System, Fragnova empowers creators to not only create, but also preserve and licence their work.

At Fragnova, we believe in the power of creativity, and strive to make it accessible to everyone.

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