[RECAP] Fragnova Pre-Token2049 Event: A Fragtastic Night! and Token2049 Singapore

3 min readOct 11, 2022


The past weeks were a hectic yet fulfilling week for the Fragnova team. Many prominent industry leaders across the various verticals flew into Singapore for a week-long event held at Marina Bay Sands to catch up, showcase and exchange great insights on their thoughts on GameFi, DeFi, Blockchain, Infrastructure and many more!

Let’s recap!

Fragnova organised our own Pre-Token2049 Event: It’s Fragtastic Night! at graft, 76 Neil Road, on 27 September 2022, with great company, food and night-long free flows.

At the event, we announced the unveiling of the Creator Store, part of the Fragnova Decentralized Marketplace, which will provide direct-to-creator royalties alongside other perks important for the creators’ community. We also announced the development of the platform’s first game, Ambal Duels, which will be built using the platform’s exclusive game engine, Claymore.

Here are some pictures from the event day:

The Fragnova team is grateful for how the World of Web3.0 connects with all the interesting individuals in the space. Within a week, we met new friends from projects, VCs, etc, and will be exploring new and potential partnerships in the coming future. So please keep your eyes peeled on our socials and this space for upcoming announcements!

Once again, we are thankful to all the meaningful connections made during Token2049 Singapore!

Thank you Token2049 Singapore!
Happy to catch up with the like-minded during Token2049

Psst, Team Fragnova will be travelling to London from 06 to 11 November 2022 for Token2049 London and happy to schedule a meet up!

The Fragnova team going for Token2049 London

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