Closed out short CADJPY trade at 87.50 to lock in +150 bps.

Other recent trades include:

1) Short crude oil since w/c 20 Nov 2017

2) Long General Electric shares w/c 20 Nov 2017

3) Long Coffee since w/c 13 Nov 2017

4) Tiny speculative positions in Litecoin and Ethereum since late Oct 2017. Adding small increments every week with preference for litecoin

General views on market:

A) Bearish on equities and bonds. 0% exposure to bonds and equities unless compelling opportunities arise

B) Bitcoin is a big bubble. Buy other relatively unknown cryptocurrencies if you must. I buy litecoin because coinbase which I use only allows me to buy 3 types of coins

C) Oil has poor fundamentals to support high long term prices

D) Certain soft commodities ie. Coffee, sugar are greatly undervalued

E) Expect volatility and note existence of further downside on the USD

Important disclaimer: none of what I write here is to be construed as advice to buy or sell any kind of asset. It is merely my personal and not professional opinion.

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