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10 Things Every 20-Something Needs to Read Right Now.

Fernando Aguilar
Jan 6, 2018 · 6 min read
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Are you on the 20 something scratching your head?
Worrying about problems?

Don’t worry about it.

I’m here to remind you that you will get trough it.

Let’s face it: We are groomed from child. We are trained to become something we are not. There is a lot of pressure when we are at this age.

Get a job. Get Married. Graduate. Get a Dog.

As the global awakening is happening, people are starting to see the truth for what it really is.

Change is overwhelming when we lack the proper guidance.
This is why I’m writing 10 things that people need to know.

1. It is Okay to Feel Lost.

Everything is happening at the same time, and we just want to chill. Right?

— “What am I doing right now?”
— “Where am I heading right now?”
— “Why I feel like this right now?”

You feel lost because, just maybe, everything you’ve been preparing to do is coming to fruition.

And you don’t want to do it anymore.

But realize that you don’t have to have everything solved,
you are still young and with a lot of life ahead.

Change for Better. 1% everyday is enough.

2. The World Is Not a Fairy Tails Anymore.

You are starting to see the world as it really is.

You are starting to realize that things are not as they seem to be.

And from your research, you realized that most of what we’ve been told is full of lies, used to fuel the matrix system. The 9–5 work to live system.

But it’s okay to have a change of heart.
To reanalyze things, to get a grasp on the whole situation.

What keeps me grounded is to realize that I’m always learning anyways.
Nobody was around when I started to see the truth about the Planet Earth.

Enlightening is knowing how much you don’t know.
Change is the only constant on the universe.

Get used to it, baby.

3. People Come and Go, The Right Ones Always Stay.

When we are at 21 everything is very confusing.

— “What happened to my friends when I was 4 years old?”

As we evolve, we start to meet new people based on how we see the world. Sometimes we hung around people as we hung clothes in the wardrobe.

And it is okay to let go when they no longer serve our higher interests.

4. Food Experimentation is Very Natural

You might been drinking milk, and then you want to try rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk. Vegan Cheese. Seitan. Tofu.

Just making experiments with your food.

You are never content, and not ever satisfied with a fixed diet. Eating the same mixed eggs with salt and oregano does not satisfy you anymore.

It is key to pick a food diet that works for you. The best way to do this is experimenting. It takes a lot of time to perfect what your body accept most.

Food is the fuel to our life, and the better we eat, the better we become. You don’t know if you can be a vegan until you try it.

I encourage people to do it.

Try The 7 Day Vegan Challenge and see how it is to live without eating those beautiful little cows for a week. You might even be surprised.

5. No Is A Very Important Word.

When we are at 21, everyone wants to pull us to different directions.

Parents want to pull us this way. Friends want to pull us that way. Girlfriend want to pull us in the opposite way, and we want to pull to here and now.

It’s like a total war out there.

No is a important word. When you have the confidence to say no, it’s okay. You know free yourself from the burden of trying to please everyone.

Learn to say no. You are not letting anybody down if you stay true to yourself.

6. It’s Your Life, not Theirs.

This might seem too simple, but it is very important to understand it.

We are living someone else’s life. We are doing everything our parents want. That is why so many people are screwed up on the planet. Because we are listening to it.

But trust yourself. Listen to your heart. Trust your instincts.

Parents? They have opinions.
Friends? They have opinions.

How you feel is hat matters the most. You have to remind yourself that every single day.

7. Straight and simple: It’s Okay To Fail.

Is not the end of the world to get rejected, to make mistakes, to fail.

There are no failures, only stepping stones to help you become your greatest version. You got to go through many of them to lean how to be successful.

If you dind’t get the grade you wanted — who cares?

You still have time! Even tho The Buda said that “the problem is that people think they have time”.

8. Life Would Be Pretty Boring If You Figured All Out.

Sometimes, what I found is that when you don’t know what is going to happen, it’s more exciting.

You don’t need to know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Let go of worrying about the future. Concentrate on being in the here and know and life will be more fulfilling.

We take care of the future when we learn how to take care of the present moment.

9. Get Information From Alternative Sources.

If you are studying in college or somewhere else, get information elsewhere.

You pay for real education with time and energy, not with money.

Just because you are studying something, doesn’t mean you learn it all. There is so much that they don’t teach us. The good news is that you can learn it right now.

Don’t wait until you are 30 to start learning.

10. Where You Are Right Now Does Not Define Where You’ll Always Be.

Don’t let problems shape you. This does not define you.

You can change it up.

The problems are not you, is just a phase. So push forward and keep in mind that you can have pleasant experiences by learning certain lessons.

Nobody is perfect.

It is okay to be mad, to be angry sometimes.

Everybody you see has messed up.
Everybody has been terrified along their journeys.
Your life isn’t perfect and It wasn’t perfect when you were 5.

A beautiful thing is never perfect.

If you are 20-something, you maybe going trough a crazy identity crisis.

The secret to it is that we are not our identity. We are not who we’ve been told.

We are all united, just inspiring each others.

Have a beautiful day.

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