This is Why There’s Nobody Like You

Our fingerprints are the proof everyone is unique.

At a deeper level, we are all experiencing life through a Human body.

We all have the same worries, priorities, and needs.

I can reduce my whole existence to three levels:

1- Becoming Better,
2 - Social Relationships,
3 - Chasing pleasure / Removing Pain.

Every “race” is also human, we are the ones separating things in the mind.

There is a social programming that teaches to fear others which have different beliefs and opinions. As if there were only one way of living. Only one perspective.

As if there were only one truth.

But how unhealthy this is.

The duality is what locks and fix the mind, we often get trapped in just good or bad. Hoping that everyone will be of the same standard, good or evil.

We spend so much time trying to change the other, to control everything outside of us. Trying to make the other be as we want them to be.

Society usually struggles to accept the way people are.

The best way to help yourself is to not resemble this paradigm.

The equality vision is not aligned with the current status of the planet Earth. Or maybe it is just not aligned with the news reported to the citizen.

I don’t know, I watch no news. I’m inferring it by what I’ve listened around.

Chaos and devastation have taken the place of love and beauty in our hearts.

The nations are divided, we became separated as well.

We are different, yes. But we can respect the individuality of each person, and recognize how vital giving love freely is.

The man who loved another does not pursue a benefit, but yields to another, just as the vine strives to produce new fruits in due time

Give love without selecting the receiver by gender or the place they were born.

Everyone deserves the same treatment.

What justifies your neglect?

It’s Wiser To Just Embrace The Difference.


You can live a balanced life, we must open up to the different. Not everything is going to fit the squared box some people live in.

You can live your life well, if you can walk the good way, if you can act with method. These two things are commonly beneficial to the human nature:
1. not be stomped by another, 
2. to seek the good in a disposition and righteous action and to put an end to your aspiration here

There is no distinction if a man is white, brown, yellow, red or green.

It is still a man.

There is neither a distinction if it is a man or a woman.

It is still a Human Being.

Maybe this is an idealistic view, to imagine the world as a united place where everyone help each other, achieving greater goals for the total. I can’t stop thinking about the connection of everything. And how can I help the world around me.

Even though I am white man, I am from Brazil, and living here thought me how mixed everything really is. We have diversity, we are simple, and yet, we give the most authentic smiles.

I find it vital to treat every woman and every man as if they were human beings first. They are equal to me, I am equal to them.

Do not be a Caesar.

Do not even disgrace yourself. Because it sometimes happens.

“Keep yourself simple, good, pure, respectful, without arrogance, friend of the righteous, pious, benevolent, affable, firm in the line of duty. 
Strive to maintain yourself as philosophy wanted you to be.
Brief is life”
— Marcus Aurelius

Thanks For Reading ❤