What if I can’t?

In the middle of the storm, one must find piece and security somewhere in the ground. It could be in a shelter, it could be down a hole.

The world is currently passing trough a storm, a information storm. And it is now the best time to find our own shelters. In a daily context of suffer and tensions, its almost inevitable to be out there in the storm, alongside the crowd.

I have this feeling that if everyone is doing the same thing, then it is the wrong choice. In order to evolve I must remove the labeled box out of my head. I must avoid these daily dumpers that are constantly trowing several numbers of bad news and lies at me. Television, tell lies to our vision.

But, what if I can’t? The intrinsic insecurity exists. Its a fact. The ego mind is responsible of creating not only this thoughts, it is responsible for creating all the hold-back kind of thoughts. To do it or not is a matter of trying and failing, until succeeding. Its a matter of being active, having the clarity on the road. It is not a matter of luck nor destiny. It is only by applying the right effort that one can change his current status quo.

I realized that bad influences are part of the process. We can’t block or avoid it. Those bad influences are what builds a experience foundation for good advices. The difference between them is only the perspective in which we see, interpret and apply.

A good influence is at my point of view, one that makes me want to escape my daily comfort zone, that gives me a professional mindset. A bad influence is one that makes me feel like amateur, rebel without case, or even disconnected with my true nature.

I think constantly about balance. When trying to reach balance I analyze the current moment with a 10 miles perspective. If I can only see it happening trough my eyes, I'll only have one point of view.

Constantly applying energy and meditating on the duality of mind vs reality is dissolving the duality of being vs existing. I am able to see the past present and even preview the future. If you want to know how, its pretty simple, pretty ordinary. But you have to understand it with your own point of view.

The AHA! moment comes when you understand the joke, not when I explain you the joke.