Back when The Return was filming, the dugpa forum had a spoiler thread where people shared everything about production. At one point I started compiling most of it all.

Pics were rehosted here unless when their owners expressively asked not to, and the remarks between brackets are my own. Some comments had their content splitted for better categorization, and others were partially trimmed to include only useful information.


Run Silent Run Drapes — Big Ed’s Gas Farm

Jerry Horne: [Sep 02 2015] Across the street from Twede’s there is a building with a new sign that says “Run Silent, Run Drapes” [Nadine’s shop]:

Jerry Horne: [Sep 03] A crew member measures the windows at the ‘Run Silent, Run Drapes’ location:

Garret8250: [Sep 06] RUN SILENT, RUN DRAPES is expected to be filmed, at least from outside on the street, starting Thursday, September 10, with filming on the same street (North Bend Way) as Twede’s expected to last through Sunday, September 13. Nothing is visible currently from the black velvet-draped curtains, but through the glass in the doors, several log-type fixtures are visible — as is a newly-painted floor and a partition about fifteen feet back from the front doors. Apparently, the entire building will NOT be used, only the 15 interior feet closest to the street, as well as the street-front.

sugarhigh: [Sep 08] Big Ed’s Gas sign!

Jerry Horne: [Sep 09] Big Ed’s Gas Farm!!

TheArm: [Sep 10] They are using a different location [for Big Ed’s], Transmissions Plus Inc. in North Bend, down the street from Twede’s/the Double R. The original location in Fall City is indeed more or less gone, sadly, but this new location looks pretty perfect!

Jerry Horne: [Sep 11] Yes, Wendy, Everett, Mark and David have all been spotted. The amount of secrecy is insane. However, they were great about letting a small group of about 8 to 16 of us watch them film at Big Ed’s Gas Farm from about mid-afternoon to around 11pm is when they wrapped. One of my group heard very specific dialog from Nadine. Lynch shot some footage of the sign emitting smoke at night and other shots of Ed etc and it was just amazing. Lynch has the energy of a bunny!

Jerry Horne: [12 Sep] Since we all know Nadine is back…

[Note the eyepatch around her neck]

Jonah: [Sep 12 footage of Big Ed’s gas station and himself, crew setting up the RR sign]

Panapaok: I found this old photo from filming on Instagram.

The Woodsman: Gold.

The Woodsman: [pic]

[Notice the sitted people: Lynch in the left — Russ Tamblyn and Wendy Robie in the right. Location is apparently Nadine’s store]


Jerry Horne: [Sep 08] Twede’s closed for two weeks!! They are working on the inside!!

Jerry Horne: [Sep 08][pics]

[Left: Crew starts painting the façade with a light blue] [Right: A peek of the inside]

vicksvapor77: [Sep 08][pic]

[Façade now completely blue]

Jerry Horne: [Sep 09] The brick is being painted to original one by one.

Jerry Horne: [Sep 9][left] Looks like an RR to me… [right] So far it reads “RR 2 Go!”

N. Needleman: [Sep 09][pic]

[Writing is now complete]

Jerry Horne: [Sep 10][pics]

[Left: production tents are built] [Middle: Big Ed’s Gas Farm sign unveiled] [Right: first look of the RR neon sign]
[Signs now all set]

Jerry Horne: [Sep 15] Lit up! Photo by Travis Blue.

garrett8250: [Sep 19] Just got back home from an exciting afternoon in North Bend! So sad to see the Mar-T sign gone already. I heard that all filming at the diner finished around midnight last night.

G42.2: [Sep 19][On a discussion whether they filmed inside the diner or not] Before the clampdown on photos online happened [Lynch requested fans not to share set photos at certain point] I saw at least one that showed an actress in the blue uniform inside the diner… So I’m certain they shot inside it. Now with that being said I bet they will build the interior as well here in LA for additional shooting…

[The said photo]

Tylergfoster: [Sep 21] Had a good breakfast at the reopened Twede’s with a group of fellow “Peaks” fans who I met on Saturday, but the filming location is more secure today, possibly because filming will actually involve the street itself.

N. Needleman: [Sep 22] This is Twede’s/the Double R post-revamp. They appear to have left it pretty much as was, with all the interior in-show signage from filming intact. Hello, gorgeous.

GordonColesEars: [Oct 10] GordonColesEars: [Oct 10] To answer someone’s earlier question about Bobby and a sheriff’s costume while at the North Bend shoot.

He appeared to be wearing “normal” clothes, but did have a badge on his belt. He [Bobby] was also the one who exited the RR and fired his handgun. Interpret that as you will.

33rdStreet: [about the possibility of people having confused Balthazar with Dana on being a cop] I have definitely NOT confused Baltzazar w/ Dana Ashbrook — the two look nothing alike.

Chankonabe: [After discussion on the value for money of building a RR stage] Without spoiling a major plot development, there was one scene shot there that involved running from inside the diner to outside and a bit up the street which would have been very difficult and very costly to do on a sound stage.

AmyCringeneck: [Mar 03] A little Double R 2 Go…

Jerry Horne: [About person in car being Bobby] Pretty sure it’s Amanda S. I’ve seen a photo from the other side of the street and you can see her clearly in the car. Caleb I think also filmed that day.

GordonCole: [picture deleted] On his way from base camp to the RR, Bobby Briggs walked right past those of us perched across the street from the diner! No zoom needed:)

GordonCole: [deleted pic] More from the RR: Norma Jennings!

GordonCole: [deleted pic] Amanda Seyfried with Bobby and Balthazar

GordonCole: [deleted pic] Shelly and Balthazar in front of the RR

GordonCole: I saw them run out of the RR together and skirt along the front of the diner, looking inside through the windows. I didn’t see cameras outside, and I believe this was being filmed from inside. I didn’t see any kissing, but I could have missed something, and I was only at the RR for one day.

GordonCole: [Series of pics of a RR shooting. Link to dugpa — see next page also.]

New Fat Trout Trailer Park — Carl Rodd

garrett8250: [Sep 19] Filming today was at a new location, not so far from the diner. I guess sharing locations is verboten here, but there was also a new actor sighting today, and you might be able to guess what type of location he would appear in…

HARRY DEAN STANTON! Great to see a FWWM character is definitely going to be in the new series! I arrived at the site shortly before 12 noon, about 10 minutes before Lynch, who was followed shortly after by Frost. Crew was already there getting setup. Filming started around 1 p.m. I won’t describe the scene we were able to watch being filmed, but I will say that we see Carl Rodd doing something that he didn’t do in FWWM…but it’s something that Harry Dean Stanton does do in that recent documentary about his life (that Lynch also appears in). There were also a few actors/extras playing local residents, but none of the other actors whose names have popped up already.

garrett8250: It’s certain Harry Dean Stanton is playing the same character…

Vicksvapor77: [Sep 20] Anyone recognize anyone outside of Lynch in this photo?

[an extra and David Lynch]

garrett8250: [Sep 19] The man in the green with the cane was on-set today at the trailer park. He seems to be playing a resident there.

tylergfoster: [Sep 20] Well, I was also out there yesterday [Sep 19](was lucky enough to be the one person that Harry Dean Stanton interacted with directly, as he signed my “Peaks” Blu-ray set), and it seemed as if they filmed at least two scenes with HDS, a conversation scene between two or three other characters I couldn’t identify, and another snippet (the first shot of the day, just a dolly shot tracking up to what I assume was one of the trailers), and that’s just before I left at about 4:30pm — I have no idea how long filming continued. But if you imagine they get 3–6 scenes in the can per day, and they’re filming 6 days a week, then they can get quite a lot done in 6 weeks.

UnderTheSycamores: [Sep 21] I was in North Bend today since I heard Twede’s was re-opening. Didn’t really think I’d get a chance to see anything but towards the end of my meal I look out the window and see a woman in a pink bathrobe standing on the corner. I squint my eyes a bit…is that Madchen? It was! Pretty soon about half a dozen other patrons took notice and started pointing her out. I got pretty giddy at this point so I got up to pay my bill. I asked the waitress if she’d seen anybody come through from the show and she hadn’t but gave me directions to the trailer park down the street they were filming at. Hopped in the jallopy and headed that way, and spotted Madchen again but now in the waitress uniform! She was now walking side by side with two others, crew people I’m assuming. It didn’t take long until I spotted the trailer park, cops at both entrances with a small huddle of fellow Peaks fans standing across the street from it. I parked nearby and got out and joined the huddle and started chatting up the others. Someone mentioned they’re in week two of six for location shooting which I hadn’t heard before, thought they were going to be done sooner than that.

vicksvapor77: [Sep 21] Seems to be a small video of the setup on Instagram:

UnderTheSycamores: [Sep 21] A local, who claimed to have four lines in FWWM and lived just around in the corner in another trailer said he was woken up by them shooting a scene with a gun going off, and mentioned Becky (?) having a fight with Shelly in the trailer park.

garrett8250: When I was there watching them film with Harry Dean Stanton on Saturday [19 Sep], there was a visible sign on a trailer that said “Fat Trout Trailer Park MANAGER”

Tylergfoster: [after people rumoring the local misunderstood “Bobby” for “Becky”] No, definitely Becky. Amanda Seyfried walked right by us and waved. The scene clearly involved her and Madchen. I won’t say more.

Tylergfoster: The trailer park resident, who seems 65%-75% reliable, described them [Shelly and “Becky”] as “friends.” It also sounds like Lipton also came and went very quickly, so I guess she didn’t have much to shoot. Maybe the Norma / Shelly relationship has evolved to where Shelly is now the Norma to this Becky character.

[Neogaf forum] wanderingprostheyltite: [Sep 22] [pics]

Jerry Horne: [Sep 23 2015] Oh, we saw Carl Rodd [Harry Dean] again today…in a different location.

Jerry Horne: Saturday [Sep 19] a scene was filmed of Carl Rodd and the Women and her son In the park. […] Carl Rodd has been places.

Two By Four: [Sep 23] I talked to some of the locals (all very friendly) and it sounded like they were shooting in the woods today. (Someone with more knowledge of the situation is free to correct me!)

I talked to a waitress at the Black Dog diner and she mentioned them filming previously in the trailer park location. She also told me that apparently a detective character on the show is living there. Now, she didn’t seem very familiar with “Twin Peaks” so this may be a misunderstanding, but if true, it’s a very intriguing tidbit.

Jonah: [Sep 25] Btw there were two other set photos (one on Instagram, one on Twitter) recently also. One of Lynch sitting in a director’s chair. One of Lynch and Harry Dean Stanton on set, the latter holding a styrofoam cup of coffee (and possibly a cigarette!) and not looking a bit of his 89 years! Not sure if these have been posted/mentioned on this thread yet?

Needleman: Jonah: We have seen the pic of Lynch, Harry Dean and Mädchen at the Fat Trout. (At least, I’m pretty sure that was Mädchen.)

Panapaok: Apparently, the ‘’cup of coffee through a window’’ happened when they were filming at the Fat Trout Trailer Park. [Mark Frost said that such a scene would happen]

Jerry Horne: The production crew purchased all the red coffee cups from local antique stores that they they could find…

[Pic on set by facebook page Harry Dean Stanton: Appreciation of ‘Nothing’, posted Feb 12]

Panapaok: [Feb 15] I believe this photo of Harry Dean Stanton on set hasn’t been posted. [Also presumably from facebook page Harry Dean Stanton: Appreciation of ‘Nothing’ from back Feb 12]

Mo’s Motor corner

garrett8250: [Sep 21] I believe location filming in Washington State should continue through mid-October. It seems that the production is moving out of North Bend towards Snoqualmie this week (the area specified in this article [see below] is the Mo’s Motor intersection, but there are several buildings near there that might be the actual filming locations. The high school is not far from there either, but can’t see them filming during the school week!).

According to an announcement from the Snoqualmie Valley School District, on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, scenes for a television show will be filmed near the intersection of Meadowbrook Way and SE Park Street in Snoqualmie — causing some traffic disruption to the area.

Needleman: [pics]

[Pics of the filming in the Meadowbrook intersection that happened in 22 Sep 2015 — note the truck and the woman in a dress]

garrett8250: Cool! That is the apartment building diagonally across the intersection from where Mo’s Motors was on Meadowbrook Ave., the intersection where the One-Armed Man yells at Leland and Laura in FWWM.

Tylergfoster: Whoever it is running across the road, I’m pretty sure I saw them going in and out of trailers on Monday [Sep 21]. I had been hanging around because I thought Madchen might have been in one of them, as she had just returned to base camp and if I could find her I wanted to get her autograph, but after a little while I went elsewhere.

Jerry Horne: It’s not Madchen. It’s a woman and a boy we have not seen before.

Mordeen: Found another pic of the truck/intersection shoot from yesterday [Sep 22] here.

[by instagram user @alpinedaisy]

Sheriff’s Station

Jerry Horne: [Sep 24] Sheriff station has a fresh coat of green paint and a covered sign on the front of the building.

Jerry Horne: [Sep 24] This place is crawling with cops! Besides, we know what it is!

Valree: There’s a shot of the half-painted sheriff’s station in this album:

[Pic from Sep 23 — notice that the orange strip above the windows is green to the right of the doorway, where there’s a ladder]

Jerry Horne: [Sep 28] I’ve heard that filming this week will be on closed sets and that there will be five days or so filming at the Sheriff Station. This is from an unconfirmed source.*Security guard said Sun/Mon, somebody else said five days. I’m putting money down that Kyle is in town filming now.

Arbogast: I went to the Sheriff’s station Saturday night [26 Sep], twice. The gate was closed both times with a security guard there. I had no idea if they were actually shooting, but my trips out there were only about a half an hour apart and Rancho Rosa arrows went up in between those trips.

I ended up chatting personally with a location manager who told me that this was their first night of shooting at this location, and that it was *all* interior shooting, very tight, very closed set. He was apologetic that he couldn’t even let anyone down the road to the building’s exterior, but he said security was tightened and that you basically had to have permission from one of the producers to get down there.

He told me they would be shooting here for the next 5 days and that it would be tight security the whole time. He said they had *just* started shooting (it was just slightly past dusk) and he felt bad that he couldn’t help us.

A few minutes after I talked to him, a Twin Peaks Sheriff Dept SUV pulled up and went through the checkpoint, which was awesome to see.

Tylergfoster: On Friday [presumably 24 Sep] I drove down that hill and no one stopped me, despite a posted guard. As I drove past the windows, I got a distinct chill looking at what seemed identical to the station interiors from the show. I didn’t say anything because I had no idea it was remodeled, I figured it just always looked like that.

Arbogast: I went through the entire interior of the Sheriff’s office in 2001, and I can tell you, it was still exactly like the pilot (even the framed pic of the tall tree above the phone was still there). The conference room was identical (same table!)…I mean, everything. I got chills walking through there, because it was like being on a set.

My understanding is that Dirtfish changed a good portion of the interior, removing the metal-framed “outer” lobby that’s only seen in the pilot (you can see Andy faux-dismantling this in the first ep after the pilot as Cooper walks in, as the LA set didn’t have this and I guess they wanted to explain its absence?). But I was told that the wood paneling on the walls remained the same.

Johnny Tabasco: [30 Sep] We saw lots of other locations but one we didn’t catch was the Dirtfish Rally depot (aka the Sheriffs Station/Mill) — it was gated off with a security guard there both times. He said there was a ‘thing’ going on there and it would be closed for the week. Clearly the ‘thing’ is filming and this was confirmed when on Monday when we went to make a u turn and behind us the gate opened and Michael Ontkean drove out. [This info conflicted with another later and finally the cast release]

tylergfoster: Since he is now publicly rumored I feel more comfortable saying that a couple of weeks ago it was Forster who I saw in a van heading to the sheriff station set.


Chester Desmond: [Sep 25] So, apparently the “Bang Bang” sign went up at the Roadhouse this morning:

[From reddit]

kcoR s’teL: [Sep 27] Greetings. Just discovered this message board. I’ve visited filming areas this past week and only lucked out at the Roadhouse. It was 2nd unit shooting-extras only no stars. Talked to one of the extras to confirm. DID get to meet David Lynch as he was stopping by the set to check up on them. That was cool-no pics didn’t want to push. He was amazingly nice. Heard a crew member later talk about no filming on Saturday but more to go on after. They started taking down the sign at the Roadhouse the next day. No inside shooting.

N. Needleman: [Sep 25]

[from reddit] just found a film crew filming RIGHT NOW [at Roadhouse] and there was Twin Peaks police car and uniformed officers filming a scene. I tried to get a photo but it turned out blurry as all hell. Exciting though!!
[other poster] Did the same thing. I’m at the Roadhouse scoping it out-it’s a night shoot.

Needleman: [Sep 25][pic]

[by instagram account @klkdmom — Roadhouse]

Jerry Horne: [Sep 26] Betty Briggs sighting! Hawk sighting! Possible Joey Paulson sighting.

One shot was motorcycles in front of the Roadhouse with people walking by. They used a crane to shot the sign — multiple pics floating around.

Mordeen: [Sep 26]

[from instagram account @morgan_roe — locals posing in the Roadhouse’s set rented motorcycles]

Tylergfoster: [Sep 26] There were motorcycles outside the Roadhouse last night, including one being ridden at one point, but it seemed like they were just filming transition shots for setting changes. Generic stuff of extras “walking inside” / “leaving” (they really just stood off to the side).

Jonah: [Sep 27]

[from twitter account @guitarorth]

Smokey Joe’s

Garret8250: [Sep 06] The owner of Black Dog Arts Café shared that she believes there has ALREADY been filming at two Snoqualmie locations: the WOODMAN LODGE and SMOKEY JOE’S TAVERN. She said that she KNOWS they have filmed already at Smokey Joe’s, last Wednesday, September 2, because she said that was the day “they all came over here after.”

Mtsi: [Oct 07] From everything I can tell, they are filming in Snoqualmie tomorrow [presumably Oct 08]…. makes sense, given the information regarding tomorrow off in Everett. They are filming at Smokey Joe’s tavern, right next to the train depot and next to the gazebo. I drove past a Studio Services truck today, in front of the tavern along with some crew, which definitely confirmed the rumor, and also noticed they have the street behind the tavern ready to block with “no parking” and “road closed” signs.

Mtsi: [Oct 08] Smokey Joe’s…. Today. Road blocked this morning.

mtsi: [Oct 8] Filming occurring shortly in downtown Snoqualmie, as I mentioned earlier today. Just drove by Smokey Joe’s and the catering trucks are set up now and food is being prepared. This means cast and crew will be around shortly. No actors, director, or film crew seen as I departed, however another Studio Services truck passed me on the way up the hill, so they should be getting close.

Street closure up and no parking signs show street closed off through remainder of the day.

Mlsstwrt: [Oct 8] Didn’t see any actors but saw some of the crew sitting around in the gazebo. [in Smokey Joe’s]

Mlsstwrt: [Oct 8] When we were there there were a whole bunch of people in the gazebo outside Smokey Joe’s (that was the building that they had ‘blacked out’ the windows of right?). After a while they all went back into the building, presumably to carry on the shoot.

Lynchaholic: [Oct 9] Hi, long time/first time. In response to the rumors about Grace being spotted last night, I can 100% confirm this. They filmed at Smokey Joe’s until just after midnight and Grace was the only one in the scene. It was just a shot of her walking up to the bar, hesitating and going in. They had a red neon sign and the bar’s name was The Elk’s Point #9. They originally had her walking out of the shadows and it would be revealed that it was Sarah, but David got the idea while filming to instead have her smoking as she approached so that the camera would pick up the orange light from the cigarette before she stepped out. Pretty cool to see them do that on the fly.

Palmer Residence and Pigeon Creek

G42.2: [Sep 17] A few weeks back I was picking up props at the Universal Prop Warehouse here in LA for a film I was working on and, much to my immense excitement, I came across props and furniture set aside for season 3…. Some of the furniture was labelled as being for the ‘P house.’

G42.2: For those curious the ‘locations’ listed were: ‘Bar, P. House, and B. House.’ [Palmer House and Briggs House?]

Needleman: [Sep 19][pic]

[From instagram @emilyinseattle in 19 Sep 2015 — a comment from a make up artist claims “ They are filming there next week… Shhhhh”]

garrett8250: [Sep 21] I can confirm that they will be using the FWWM Palmer house in Everett. Some minor alterations have already been made to the living room area.

OneEyedJack: [Oct 2] I was there yesterday and there was a large truck in front of the place [Palmer’s house in Everett] and there was some loading/unloading going on. 2 people on the front porch, 1 at the truck. Could be a coincidence. Maybe they are doing some housework….

Very tight street. Walking will be only option if they do indeed film there and if secure, good luck. There is a nice view of the water about a block away from the place. I swear I heard sea lions there, very odd…..

OneEyedJack: What I saw in the truck are what appeared to be large bags of carpet, for what that is worth.

[The Palmer residence in Everett, pics from tumblr Tuesday, October 6]

33rdStreet: [Oct 07] Not my photos, but I was there tonight — aside from what’s in the photo — nothing else there to indicate filming happened on Tuesday [presumably Oct 06].

Ross: Not a big fan of the Everett (FWWM) house- but I guess we now know for sure its the one they are using. Did you notice what they’ve done (from the pics)? Made it look much more run down (dead bushes, grass).

— First day of shooting, Wednesday, October 07:

UnderTheSycamores: [Oct 07] Well I went over to the Palmer house and they are indeed in full shooting mode there today, all the cast, crew, and equipment trailers are lining a side street and I spotted a tent right in front of the house. Couldn’t get close as they had rent a cops posted at both ends. Thought it was worth an ask if I could walk through but was predictably told no. Got to walk past the cast/crew trailers on the way back and spotted ones labeled for Sarah, Richard [Beymer, Chamberlain, or character name?], and Hawk, and of course the Director, AD, and wardrobe ones as well. Door was open to the makeup trailer but didn’t spot anyone inside as I walked by. So kind of a snoozer of a trip but was nonetheless cool to see things in full swing over there.

Jugger: A few fans said during the day shoot there was a Twin Peaks Sheriff Station patrol car parked out front and that Hawk was on set filming.

vicksvapor77: My source just told me filming at the Palmer house takes place through October 10th.

N. Needleman: [local newspaper]

A popular television series is filming today, Oct. 7, and Friday, Oct. 9, at a home on 33rd Street on Rucker Hill. Filming will require outdoor lighting at night. Nearby residents may also hear dramatic screams on Friday evening.
The crew will also film along Pigeon Creek Road, which is closed to the public, on Wednesday.

UnderTheSycamores: [Oct 07] Periscope dude [@Gconscious — periscope already expired] did a night shoot that’s up, nothing of note but a rent a cop said they’d be starting later to dissuade him from sticking around, and after he walks away the guy is like “three people just walked in!”

Vicksvapor77: [Oct 07] [presumably about the periscope too] Got this little tidbit — “They filmed in Pigeon Creek today, we drove down the road! It’s a secluded woods — long creepy dirty road”

Beano: [Oct 7] Balthazar Getty posted this on Instragram today. Forgotten Creek is in Everet.

[Sign reads Forgotten Creek]

Vicksvapor77: I think the tidbit I left a few posts ago got lost in the shuffle, this is right next to Pigeon Creek, might be the same thing essentially.

[@Gconscious replied to vicksvapor77 on twitter with some insights:]

[Oct 7] @vicksvapor77 I did see Grace & she was still smoking like a chimney. Was told Fri night is the big night
@vicksvapor77 looking at #IMDB I think I saw Mark Frost & Dana Ashbrook but didn’t recognize “Bobby” w/head of grey hair! Will be back Fri
[vicksvappor77 suggests grey-haired guy was actually Balthazar Getty] @vicksvapor77 well you schooled me I did see Balthazr in a van at one point but did not recognize him.
[vicksvappor77 asks about Robert Forster] @vicksvapor77 Love Robert Forster but no sighting. I’ll go back to the trailers & read names off again soon & get that forgotten creek sign!
@vicksvapor77 saw Director, Richard, “Hawk”, “Red” & Sarah’s names on trailers today but will hit that area again tomorrow or Friday

Chester Desmond: [Oct 07] I drove from Snoqualmie to Everett two days ago [presumably Oct 05], all the no parking signs were up, about 3 blocks to the Palmer House. I walked up to the door of the Pamler House and knocked on the door, there was no answer I may have peaked in the windows… I left walked back down the stairs and as I got into my rental Jeep, the 3 shades on the left side of the house came down quickly.

What I saw was the Palmer House interior from FWWM. I still have chills.

Jonah: [Oct 07] Another photo of the Palmer House is up on the Reddit thread, tagged with spoilers/filming. For a moment I thought the blonde on the porch was Laura Palmer! (Don’t worry — it’s not! Probably just a crew member.)

[by redditor /u/quesopano]

Arbogast: [Oct 8] FWIW, the Sheriff Dept’s vehicle that’s being seen at the Everett house is apparently different from the one I saw enter the Sheriff’s station security checkpoint when I was there. The one I saw was numbered 141, while the Everett car is 142.

— Second day of shooting, Friday, October 09:

Tylergfoster: [Oct 9] I saw the trailer that said “Sarah” on it today [presumably in Everett], as well as one of the sheriff department SUVs.

UnderTheSycamores: [Oct 9] [Local newspaper link]

Thomas said the late-night filming could last until 6 a.m. Saturday. “There will be big lights out there. They call it hanging the moon, they put up so many lights,” she said.

Underthesycamores: [Oct 09–6:00pm]

@BursnieSJ Just checked out #TwinPeaks filming, crew is just arriving and there are already so many trucks blocking the action, so rude.

vicksvapor77: Ding ding! Per my source for the Nevada filming: “They said a lot of desert filming but I’m gonna guess they are gonna say it’s Eastern WA which looks like the desert and not far from where Twin Peaks is.”

Tylergfoster: [Oct 09–8:40pm] Guys…Kyle is here. [in Everett]

[A series of vids and pics by a Periscope user — who I couldn’t track down — and instagram user @meinfulleffect was referenced. I’m posting the latter’s chronologically:]

[Some comments on the video:]

She walks so much like Sheryl Lee! Gawd is it her?
@meinfulleffect I’m thinking it is, but she looks more blonde… With her hair wavy, and darker hair underneath
[Pic by twitter user @wfredin — Lynch, Kyle and Sheryl]

UnderTheSycamores: [Oct 9–10:30pm] [After much speculation on whether the woman was Sheryl] It’s definitely Sheryl guys I’m out here right now. Kyle came over and talked to us for a bit too. So cool!

UnderTheSycamores: [Asked about hair color] Kind of a dirty blonde.

vicksvapor77: I just got sent a few photos by my source and it looks like Sheryl to me too

Jonah: [Oct 10–0:00am] Someone posted this on Twitter (and they previously mentioned Kyle looking cold, so likely they are there): “Who let the weird tattooed guy sit in the food tent and eat with everyone?! #TwinPeaks2017 #TwinPeaks #StarStruck” — maybe the cast and crew are on a filming break. The tattooed guy could be anyone, but based on #StarStruck, maybe it’s an actor? (Getty — think he has tattoos? not sure who else….)

BobCooper: Watching filming on here [provided a Periscope link no longer active]. An actor referred to them as ‘Dale and Laura’

BobCooper: [Oct 10–1:45am] Basically they filmed a scene apparently where a new couple owns the Palmer home and Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer walk up to the front door. Cooper and Laura also walk to an FBI car with Texas license plates.

UnderTheSycamores: [Oct 10] I left before the scream occurred but periscope guy said it was Sheryl that did, after Coop looked at the ground in some sort of trance.

Jugger: [Oct 10] I also found out some information about the house from the current home owners as well as some of what was filmed inside on Wednesday [Oct 7] and what was filmed along Pigeon Creek road on Thursday [Oct 8]. I do know that the crew was off for the rest of Saturday, with filming to resume tonight but at a different area. I found out where but it is more than likely a location that is not accessible by fans.

Jugger: The Steadicam filming was from the street to up the stairs in front of the house and right up to the front door. They did the take a few times, I personally think it was done simply as a Cooper or perhaps a Laura Palmer (if that is who Lee is playing) perspective perhaps the final version will show them walking up and at times a your POV perspective. I think maybe it’s more of a your POV as they approach because if they were filming it was her POV, they would have done a take of Cooper walking up in front with the Steadicam operator slightly behind him so he would be shown in the shot giving the viewer her perspective as they walk up but they didn’t film that, it was just the camera operator. This was all some of what I captured on video, the actors were off in their trailers, we all thought they had gone home for the night but they returned later on.

Jugger: For those that like the tiniest of details, the Texas license plate on the car he drives to the Palmer’s house reads “VS2–168R”

Chankonabe: [About the possibility the car plates in Everett were random rental ones] The car had California license plates which were changed out to Texas license plates before the shoot. Afterwards, the original license plates were put back on the car.

Jugger: Yeah when they wrapped Saturday [Oct 10] morning around 5:15am I noticed a crew member taking the plates off the car. I didn’t see what he put back on, if anything, but did take the Texas plates off.

Jugger: My take on it was based on what I saw at the Palmer filming was Laura (IF its even Laura) was walking slowly out of hesitation/nervousness about approaching the house and Cooper taking her hand was to comfort her. The only time I thought I saw strange walking was after they walk back towards his car and he turns back around, I believe he takes a few awkwardly looking steps as if in a trance and then stands and stares at the house with his arms to his side as if standing at attention. Laura’s reaction was of confusion and then something catches her eye at the house and she lets out the scream. Again, that is just what I got out of it, I could be way off.

Madeleineferguson: So, were the “dramatic screams” that night only from Sheryl Lee?

Jugger: Yes, they did three takes if memory serves me correctly of the dramatic scream.

Cooperscoffeecup: (Long time reader, first time poster.) RE Palmer house, apologies if I have missed this being mentioned. Did I notice that the house was looking run down for one of the filming shoots, where the Sheriffs car was out front. Dead grass, dead trees and bushes. Then at the night shoot [Oct 9 to 10], (the notorious night filming posted on Instagram) it was back to a well kept house again, pot plants on doorstep gone, no dead trees? Does the house at somepoint no longer belong to Sarah (shock emoticon)

Jugger: I wasn’t there for the Wednesday [Oct 7] shoot at the Palmer house, but was there Saturday morning [Oct 10], as I thought I had heard that Wednesday was primarily interior filming at the house, but some exterior had to have been done otherwise why bring out the Twin Peaks police vehicle? There is always the chance that the Wednesday shoot do not take place at the same time as the Friday night shoot which was mostly exterior filming. I thought perhaps that when the show airs, the events from the Friday night/Saturday morning filming plays out and the filming from Wednesday is the next day, but I could be way off.

The home appears to has new owners, at least whenever the time frame of the Friday night show plays out, when Cooper and Laura (again if the character is in fact Laura) rang the door the people who answer are the new owners, and those people in that scene actually are the real-life new owners of the home in Everett Washington as they were given a tiny role [confirmed as Mary Reber, the owner, is in the cast list].

Jugger: The lawn during the Friday [Oct 9] night shoot looked green and properly maintained, it wasn’t overgrown or brown, at least from my vantage point. I didn’t notice any weeds overgrown nor did I notice any potted plants on the front patio by the door as I think someone mentioned during Wednesday [Oct 7] they thought they saw some. Perhaps as another person pointed out maybe the house featured during Wednesday is from a different time period than the house on Friday evening’s shoot. So difficult to tell but in just a few short years, all should be answered.

OneEyedJack: The lawn and front shrubs were cleaned up and tidy compared to Wednesday’s [Oct 7] disheveled appearance. This is true.

I can also say that they sprayed the pavement and lawns with water before filming. (could be for lighting purposes perhaps)

Jugger: There were others there besides me, some of whom who were there for the entire shoot [in Everett], I had gotten there around 11:45pm at night just after the cast/crew broke for lunch. I was not there when they shot the scene of Cooper/Palmer in street walking up to the house (aka TMZ footage) or what happened when they got to the front door. Someone there did say to me that the door is answered by the current homeowners and Cooper shows them his badge. I believe they let Cooper and Palmer inside. Another person told me they were inside for 20–30 minutes, perhaps they filmed something inside, that I don’t know, maybe someone else here has more information, or perhaps whatever takes place inside is a longer scene that they film later on a set in California, OR maybe later on up here, as everyone knows they tend to film stuff out of order a lot of the time. The house/lawn to me looked well kept, grass was green.

Yes the real-life homeowners were on location and at one time were mingled in with us fans. They are under NDA’s, but did say they have a small role and play the current owners of the home. They said filming was wrapping up Saturday morning and had said the crew had remodeled the living room, another fan there said he had heard the living room was to resemble the living room in FWWM, but why would they want to have it resemble the FWWM living room if the Palmer’s no longer owned the home? So I think what he was saying was speculation on his part but I remember the homeowner saying they had to remodel some of the house back to how they had it, and I thought he said living room.

I personally did not see any other actors on set except Kyle and Sheryl, for the five and half hours I was there, as they only filmed Kyle and Sheryl in the street between the car and the house (aka scream scene), they did some steadicam footage of the approach to the door without the actors there, Lynch also had them film the house with all the lights on and then as they filmed having all the lights turn off at the same time when he called for it and held on that image to about a count of 5 and went a few seconds beyond before yelling “cut”, again with no actors there. They then filmed the scene of Cooper/Laura in the car driving around, and finally a little bit more of them getting out of the car and taking a few steps towards the house. They then wrapped, actors left, followed by Lynch about ten minutes later who waived and smiled at the fans still there.

Remember if they don’t go with an alternate timeline or time travel scenario, its 25 years later so lots could have changed during that time.

Jugger: Yes I forgot to mention that, the roadway was watered down, I think they must have done it before I got there, but they did it at one time later on the early morning hours before they did the scene of them driving off in the car (which probably was footage needed as they approach the house). My guess is the scene will be a few minutes in length at best of what they shot Friday/Saturday morning.

Jugger: I don’t feel what we saw during the shoot Friday/Saturday morning was a dream sequence or that it would be the end of the series altogether, but I do feel it could easily pass as a cliffhanger for one of the episodes, OR (long shot) if they divide what is planned into two seasons, with a break in between, could see it as the end of the third season before a fourth season aired. To me at least it had that vibe of being the ending of an episode especially when they filmed just the house with the lights all on and then all turning off at the same time, that shot could pass as being a final scene before a fade to black at the end of an episode getting people talking and pumped for the next episode.

Whatever Lee (if she is Laura) sees that makes her scream she sees it while looking at the house. Something gets her attention and she looks up at it. I think she sees the image of either her father in a window or possibly Bob, after showing it, they then cut to the house itself and all the lights turning off. In two years or whenever it airs, I will look back and see if I was right, or if I was way off.

Ferguson: Last Fri night, I was able to see the monitor that Lynch was watching during filming, from about a 30 foot distance of course. What I saw seemed to be a woman with long blonde hair opening the door, Coop and Lee spoke with her for at least a few minutes and then the door was shut. I am not sure if they were filmed walking back down the stairs although I believe they were. Kyle did throw a bone to the fans (or maybe was just goofing around) by giving the house a very Cooperesque thumbs up.

tylergfoster: Not to mention, I believe there will be a scene inside the house as they did in fact film coming and going scenes.

Jugger: The woman who answered the door may be the real life woman who owns the house, she had long blonde hair and stood with the fans for a while on the street during the scream scene. [Again, this was confirmed as Mary Reber is in the cast] While she didn’t really talk, her husband did and said they had small parts as the current owners of the Palmer household so my thoughts is maybe that was their small scene answering the door when Coop/Laura rang the doorbell, her husband may have been in the doorway but out of the fan’s views, but I had not arrived on set when they filmed that. I do know that the current homeowner mentioned to me that Kyle when he came into the house asked to see “the fan” and when he did he said “Man, I haven’t seen that fan in 25 years!” As you can imagine they still have fans flock to the house all the time.

Speaking of monitors, I spotted something that probably isn’t newsworthy but will share. Before they shot the scream scene, they had us fans move up onto the main street that they were filming on (we were on a different street in front of the house that ran north of the house originally) but for that scene they had us move up on the main street the house is on that runs east/west that they were filming on, however we were standing behind a large “Road Closed” sign followed by crew and equipment, and then Lynch sitting in his chair looking at a monitor with his back towards us but we could see the monitor as he prepped the actors. Now just before this we were told photographs were ok but they really didn’t want video of the scene being taken and certainly not posted. I actually was filming at that time so I captured that moment when they say that I then I turned the video off and switched back to still photography. I want to say as they were still prepping the scene or perhaps after the first take, being one of the taller fans there, I could see Kyle walk up to David and talk to him and then he looked up at the house, he almost seem to be rehearsing the scene a tiny bit.

Looking back at the photos I took, on a few of them during this scene, on David’s monitor wasn’t of the street scene at all. As Kyle is talking to David, you can clearly see that on David’s monitor is a camera shot of inside the house in what appears to be one of the upstairs window as you can make out a lamp in a corner, as well as the window and some of the curtain. I just thought it was odd that was appearing on his monitor, as generally the director is looking at what is being filmed while the actors perform their scene, or maybe playback the previous scene. Just looked strange that on this large monitor was something not having to do with the scene they were working on.

I was then thinking that perhaps during the scream scene they had something in the window that the fans didn’t notice, since our attention would be focused on the actors in the street or what we could see of them as the crew made a nice semi-wall blocking most of what was being filmed (keyword “most”) while they were actually filming. That is probably far-fetched about something being in the window at that time, it’s probably something that they will shoot later or add later via CGI, etc. I just thought I would share even though it’s probably nothing at all.

vicksvapor77: The source that I first mentioned lives in the same neighborhood as the Palmer and Hayward homes and said there were signs by both houses weeks ago but they saw no further activity. I assume they originally planned on filming the Palmer house stuff we all saw last week earlier but it got shuffled due to actor schedules. But my source was super busy with work and missed a lot of potential day shoots. They easily could have filmed in the Hayward house already. But as of now, I’m going to assume it was just a Palmer house shoot until I see more evidence.

tylergfoster: The screaming was on camera, and as previously mentioned, they shot car convo leading up to the house and they also walked up and entered the house. The screaming occurs when they are leaving the house, almost certainly following an interior scene they haven’t yet shot. There was also dialogue, even if we couldnt hear it. And since these were Steadicam, the likelihood that they were done for promos seems even less likely as one would have to cut into the takes to make the promo described.

vicksvapor77: I spoke a bit with the Cultural Arts Manager from Everett, WA (via email) and to the best of their knowledge, they only filmed at two locations: the Palmer house on October 7th and 9th and at a warehouse on October 7th as well. They said as far as they know, NO filming took place at the Hayward house. (And they would know.)

Jugger: If memory serves me correctly that [a crane in the woods] was just north of the film site at the house, on a small dead end road where some homes were on, correct? When I arrived for the filming I parked a few blocks away and walked westbound towards the Palmer house. That road was obviously closed, so fans had to turn to the south and walk about a block. I did that, but since I wasn’t sure where I was going I turned down the short road, which mainly was a long driveway for some homes and saw a giant crane with a light illuminating everything, and heard a generator. When I left and finally go over to the correct street and up by the Palmer house where the fans were, I questioned to myself why they had a big light and generator going a street over as there were a few homes in between the Palmer house and where I first was at. This was different than the film crew lighting crane that was parked across the street from the Palmer house that was in plain view for anyone to see. Maybe I am thinking of something totally different than what was in that photo you posted. [The Woodman had posted a photo and presumably deleted it]

The Woodsman: Did anyone see Kyle karate chop a guy off his feet on the sidewalk before filming began? [in Everett]

The Woodsman: Btw, I wasnt joking about Kyle and the choreographed karate chop to someone. It was strange and was wondering if anyone happened to see it. It was quick and done only once

Jugger: Basically after Sheryl and Kyle leave the house and start to walk from the sidewalk to his car, Cooper starts to pause and act as if he is in a trance. Sheryl (assuming its Laura) seems a bit confused as to why Cooper is acting that way and seems nervous as she looks at him. He then turns and stares like a statue at the house with his arms to his side. As she watches him, SOMETHING at the house catches her attention, she then looks at the house and screams loudly. As to what she sees, we don’t know. They did three “scream” takes and it was roughly 2am Saturday morning when they did them. The production crew had notified neighbors beforehand that they could possible hear screaming late at night and that it was part of the filming. For this scene they had us actually move up to the same street they were filming on so the crew and some equipment was in our path but still probably 25–30 feet away from the filming. What I noticed was that when they were ready to film, the crew kind of form an unofficial barrier blocking much of the scene from the fans. I simply walked back down about 15–20 feet away from where we were previously standing and watched the scene play out. You can clearly see Sheryl react to something at the house and then she lets out the scream as she clearly is freaked out.

GordonCole: [deleted pic] TX plates on the car that Coop and Laura were driving around in

Jugger: [About Everett] I believe on Thursday they didn’t film at the house, instead they filmed at a park not that far from the house. I remember a few fans mentioning they tried to get access to it but there was some sort of long entrance that went downward, but I could be wrong in thinking that. I remember of the police officers who was working security at the Palmer house night shoot mention to me that they had filmed at a park and screams were heard during that filming sequence because he said they had a few 911 calls because of it and he was referring to the filming the night before the Palmer house night shoot.

vicksvapor77: I believe the secluded woods shoot was also on Wednesday, October 7. Wasn’t this went Balthazar posted the sign of Forgotten Creek? Not sure how much was filmed, the Everett official I mentioned pages ago now told me they may not have shot there, as it was too rainy/muddy. They also told me they filmed at a warehouse, I believe on the same day.

Jugger: [Pic of Everett shooting — notice the crew member in a grey jacket]

As far as the mysterious person on the other side of the street goes, it was a regular-sized crew member who was filming a low-angle shot with a handheld, probably so they have that scene from multiple angles. They must have done that scene about 10 times and from the south-facing side it definitely looks like he is walking in the shot but I also watched it from the east-facing perspective (I was about 12 feet behind David for these shots so I was able to see exactly what he saw on the monitor) and the guy was definitely out of the shot- partly because the big cameras were only filming Kyle and Sheryl from the waist up. And every time the primary camera would move right, the guy across the street would take choppy steps to his right, basically they were tracking them counter-clockwise. The guy on the other side of the street also ran the handheld for about 5 takes just going up and down the stairs from the sidewalk to the front door. I assume those are going to be POV shots but it might also be for a fast zoom effect (i.e. the shot from the back when Betty and Rita first walk into Silencio in “Mulholland Dr.”).

N. Needleman: [pic]

[By instagram user @kristyjojo — description: ”Back in October when we watched #kylemclachlan act while #davidlynch filmed at #thelaurapalmerhouse”]


Mt. Si Motel

Tylergfoster: [Oct 12 4:50pm] Here at the motel [Mount Si Motel — Blue Diamond from FWWM]. Very little going on so far but there is a sign under a tarp that presumably says “Blue Diamond.”

There is also an electronic highway sign placed down the road warning of intermittent stops 10/13 12am-5am, so this could be another late one.

Tylergfoster: I can hear hammers and stuff from the motel and there are cops in front of it so I doubt filming here is in any danger of being canceled.

Tylergfoster: 4am and the crew has finally arrived in full force. No filming yet AFAIK.

Mtsi: [Oct 13 9:00am] So…. did anyone see anything early this morning? I drove by the motel on my way into town for coffee, and saw 2 trucks, and a few crew packing up a large set piece (covered in plastic). Outside of that, nobody and nothing. Let us know.

NewShoes: They filmed for something like 1.5 to 2 hours. It was largely exterior. It used the set piece. There was a cast member we could fairly reliably recognize based on the scene and how Lynch addressed them. Couldn’t get 100% positive ID due to distance, rain, darkness, ambient noise, etc. There was at least one other person in the scenes whose appearance and behavior set off a lot of speculation.

NewShoes: The person we believe it to be has been previously observed filming. So, no surprise casting news.

NewShoes: Looks like I stirred up some debate about spoilers with my comments about the Mt. Si Motel filming. [Oct 12] Here’s the thing, we could not see certain things so we were left to draw conclusions about the action, as well as the people involved. The actors were always a good distance away, did not approach us and did not talk to us. Lynch’s directorial comments were directed in the other direction and largely impossible to make out clear. Finally, someone else had observed certain set details that I was not able to verify personally. In my opinion, the details of that set piece are a pretty big spoiler so I’m not really looking to be the first person to post about it on the Intertubes for all concerned.

My purpose in posting about the filming was to provide verification that it did indeed take place and state how tricky it was to actually know what was happening. Not to taunt or gloat.

Here’s another take on what we (or at least I saw):

Man in black through door

He nears room of smoke and light

The woman backs away

NewShoes: One further comment about the Mt. Si Motel location:

No Blue Diamond sign. No phonebooth. Existing sign did not appear to be filmed. The location may not have been functioning as The Blue Diamond for the purposes of filming.

sugarhigh: On 9/23/15 I was in North Bend to watch filming. While I was driving around looking for production trucks/ filming locations I was stopped in front of the Grange across from the Mt. Si Motel when a makeup trailer heading SE on North Bend Way drove by. I think it was a single trailer with only one door on it, but the neon green tape had ‘Richard B.’ written on it. Maybe the trailer had more than one door, but only one door with a name on it…can’t remember.
The filming I did end up watching that day had only new cast members that I could tell.
What was pretty rad though was, later that evening I was standing on the side of the road next to the Mt. Si Motel talking to a local TP fan when a cop car, followed by a new characters car (with a camera mounted to the drivers door), followed by a van with Lynch in it, followed by another cop drove by us filming a driving scene. 
We crossed the road with the idea to hide in the bushes across the street so if they drove around to do another take, we’d be hidden in the bushes but technically might end up being in an actual TP scene, though we wouldn’t actually be seen. They didn’t come back by, but instead looped around and drove back to that day’s filming location. Very exciting day.

At the next days shoot, 9/24/15, for the Horne residence, I was parked across from the makeup trailers and the only names on them were ‘Mark’, ‘Johnny’ and ‘Mrs. Horne’. I actually saw Jan D’Arcy and Robert Bauer come out of makeup and go in to wardrobe. I saw someone go in and out of the ‘Mark’ trailer, but I’m pretty sure it was just a crew member.
Anyway, has anyone here actually seen a trailer that said ‘R. Beymer’ or did my ‘Richard B.’ info just get switched around? Also, hasn’t someone mentioned Balthazar Getty’s name as being ‘Richard’? [People speculated this as he was in Everett, but nobody actually confirmed it]

sugarhigh: Ha, OK, he’s [Jerry, who mentioned the ‘R. Beymer’ trailer] the one I told so it just got mixed up. It was definitely ‘Richard B.’

NewShoes: [when asked about who was in the Mount Si shooting] I’m not willing to make a definitive statement about who was there because I don’t have a 100% certain ID.

One could draw reasonable expectations based on who was photographed at Olallie earlier that afternoon.