The Rabbit and the Turtle

The weight of a shell

There once was a rabbit and a turtle who lived in a field.

One day, they noticed another field across the road. The other field had taller, greener grass and a nice pond.

They both decided to go to the other field.

With a flash, the rabbit zipped over.

The rabbit found that the other field was great. The grass was better and the pond was refreshing. The rabbit noticed that there were lots of other rabbits there as well, but not too many turtles.

Then it occurred to the rabbit, where was his buddy turtle?

The rabbit zipped back to try and find what had happened to the turtle.

The turtle had been knocked back by a car.

The rabbit tried to tell the turtle to move faster.

The turtle tried again but, of course, BAM! It got knocked back.

The rabbit didn’t seem phased. The rabbit tried to convince the turtle that it was easy. After all, the rabbit had gone over and back without a problem.

The turtle could go long distances with no trouble. The shell had never posed a problem before. Here though, the weight was slowing the turtle down. It was making it hard to cross the road and making it a bigger target for the cars.

The turtle tried to explain all that to the rabbit. The rabbit laughed and told the turtle to get rid of the shell then.

This of course was impossible.

The rabbit didn’t understand.

The rabbit explained how on the other side of the road there were other turtles. Clearly, the rabbit thought, it was possible for a turtle to do it.

The turtle kept trying.

Eventually, with much effort, the turtle made it across.

Once there, the turtle found and talked with the other turtles. They shared how it was equally difficult for them. The turtle also learned that lots of other turtles didn’t make it. Sometimes rabbits didn’t make it as well, but by and large, most rabbits did.

The turtle realized that the road that was creating such a big problem for turtles, wasn’t even a consideration for the rabbit. The rabbit had no problem getting across. Of course, the rabbit has never had to worry about a shell.

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