How Not to Be a Leader
umair haque

I agree with a lot of what you said. I do think there are bankers out there who need to be prosecuted. But I think to blame bankers unilaterally as you do is stereotyping. There were other industries with problems (such as some companies in the auto industry, my own industry of aerospace). And this is not the first time companies’ big financial risks became real (take the dot com bubble burst). I think the key is to separate the snake oil salesman from the people who bought the snake oil. Some of those bankers just didn’t make a good investment for themselves or their clients (and there is nothing illegal about giving bad financial advice in good faith). But universally blaming “the bankers” makes people paranoid about trusting those that worked in good faith. For without good bankers, how would we move this money, so we can all count our wealth?

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